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Zapaygo is a simple pre-order platform for the food and beverage industry.

As venues are reopening around the world, they are struggling to find their feet again. They’ve had social distancing imposed on them, capacities have been more than halved in some venues and financial support such as furlough schemes are no longer available.

It’s easy to understand why restrictions have been put on the hospitality industry, COVID 19 is still thriving in some parts of the world and those where it isn’t, they want to keep it away. This is why you have 1–2 metre distancing in place, hand sanitizers at entrances, and staff wearing masks, all to encourage customers to return without the risk of spreading the virus.

It’s not just the customers, staff also need to feel safe going back to work and some who worked in crowded bars and clubs have decided to look for new careers. Even business owners have to struggle with the decision to stay closed and safe, or open and start to generate revenue again.

At a time when venues need all the support they can get, apps like Zapaygo have come into their own. Venues reopening need to consider how do they continue to serve customers, whilst minimizing risk and keeping customers and staff safe.

Zapaygo is a simple pre-order platform for the food and beverage industry. It allows venues to register themselves and be up and running to take payments within 24hrs. Customers can download the Zapaygo app and make all their orders without the need to wait at a bar or for waiting staff to unnecessarily visit their table.

Customers scan a QR code to download the app, they then select their venue and order the food and drinks they want. Payment is taken on the phone and the order is sent to the kitchen. The customer didn’t need to leave their table, miss out on a joke and most importantly, they can stay safe at their own table without having to join queues of others waiting to make their own orders.

As lockdown has eased in the UK, venues have been opening cautiously and currently, there are less than 50% of venues back open. Those who have opened using Zapaygo have seen a faster return to their old figures, far quicker than they had anticipated. What wasn’t considered is customers no longer wait for orders to be taken, instead they order via the app as often as they want. This has seen an increase in the average spend from before lockdown.

As well as increased sales, customers are served quicker and the venues can turn tables that bit faster. Although their capacity has dropped, they are now able to earn more from each guest and fit more bookings in.

Mike Fisher, owner of three pubs in England, COO and Head of Corporate Partnerships at Zapaygo says “I don’t think we shall ever go back to a period of time where we shall be three-feet deep at the bar. Those days are long gone. What we’ll no doubt witness instead is a return of the great British pub atmosphere, at tables where we know food and drink will be enjoyed and uninterrupted conversation will flow.”

On the crowdfunding site Crowdcube, Zapaygo recently raised nearly £900,000. Over three times their target of £250,000. Along with this raise, they are running a token sale on

RewardZ are going to be introduced to Zapaygo next year as a loyalty points system for spending money in customers venues. These ZAP tokens can then be exchanged for rewards on the RewaredZ market place.

Zapaygo already have agreements in place with a number of the largest stadiums in the UK. Once they are allowed to reopen, Zapaygo is expecting to see a huge spike in user numbers and demand for their ZAP loyalty tokens. Some of the rewards are expected to include access to VIP boxes in Premiership Football Stadiums, special offers on meals and with some of the partnerships being set up now, they’ll be used in high street stores.

ZAPs can’t be bought yet, but Zap holding tokens (ZHT) are available on They started at $0.05 and are going up by $0.05 each Sunday until they reach $1. Once the ZAPs go live, ZHT holders will be able to exchange them for ZAPs.

As the hospitality industry begins to get back on it’s feet, it needs all the support it can get and that’s why Zapaygo are working so closely with members across the industry. Not just to take orders, but increase sales, provide home delivery, increase customer loyalty and reward all those going out and helping their local venues.

Although change is scary, this time technology has come in with a helping hand and moved the industry faster forward than could have ever been perceived.



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