Cleveland Local: Legend Headwear

By Ella Schuellerman

Rachel Scully
The Carroll News


Rooted in the 216 for over 30 years, a local family business has been crafting unique hats for the Cleveland community. Legend Headwear, located at 3111 Carnegie Ave., has made snapbacks and ‘dad’ hats part of the new urban style with their loud colors and intricate stitching.

Jake Miller, owner of Legend, has been working and creating with his parents since his mother and father began the headwear company. What all started with a single embroidery machine, turned into a humbling 10,000 hats per week.

If you are a Clevelander, you know that businesses and companies here have never had it easy. “I give credit to my parents for starting something in 1984 that has given me the platform and foundation for Legend. Without their passion and hard work, I would not be able to do what I do,” states Miller.

Legend has the family’s drive, grit and heart layered in the work they present to loyal Clevelanders. Keeping your roots and love for Cleveland close to your heart is important, says the brand’s website. Legend attempts to do just that by making wholesale local-based hats.

“We cut, sew and assemble baseball caps right here in Cleveland. That is very rare to find and only a few companies can say they do that in the United States,” states Miller. One of Miller’s favorite parts about Legend is his ability to work side by side with his family.

John Carroll junior Bryce Marshall loves brands that stand apart from others. “I have no desire to conform to normalcy. Fashion is an extension of myself,” states Marshall. One example of expressing your own style is through a hand-stitched hat.

The cap company is striving to remain true to themselves while providing hats for the “heartbeat and hustle” of Cleveland. Marshall said he “only wears hats when his hair looks like one of those mop dogs.” Being that this is a common occurrence for many busy college students, a

Legend hat would fit perfectly on your bedhead. Your future Legend hat could make you a legend, help represent the Indians, Cavs or the Browns or even show off your pride for the 216. Since 2017, Legend has been popping up at various markets, festivals, and the Cleveland Flea.

“Seeing people wear our hats is what motivates me. It’s a great feeling to walk downtown and see our hats out there,” commented Miller. The brand has taken large leaps in the last few months.

The company is now looking for Legend ambassadors to be a part of building the brand even more. Check out Legend Headwear and prepare to put on a hat that feels and looks just right.