How C.C. Sees It: Disillusioned and Dismayed |by Carly Cundiff

Trump’s had a big summer and I have spent almost every day chomping on the bit to write about it. So let’s do this.

I cannot remember ever feeling so disappointed in my government and country than I did on Aug. 17, the day of the Charlottesville protests. The people that I saw chanting blatantly racist phrases and running cars through crowds are not part of the America I know, but they are a part of the America that now exists. What once hid on Internet chat rooms and shadowy meetings has now seen the light of day.

But, don’t worry about it, everyone! It’s totally okay, because there was violence on both sides and some of the protestors were good people.

Mr. President, how full of it are you? Do you have any sense of right and wrong, or is there just so much self tanner and toupe hair on your head that it has sucked up all the brain cells?

I could not believe my ears when the president actually condoned the racist behavior of the protestors at Charlottesville. Then, I was even more stunned that, when given the chance to apologize and rephrase his remarks, he chose to double down on his original claims.

I don’t know why I was surprised or why I keep giving this man the benefit of the doubt, but I do.

Then, not even a month later, Trump announces his plans to get rid of DACA. For those of you who don’t know, DACA protects immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. DACA protects hardworking people. People who now pay taxes and go to school. People who now have jobs and take their children out to breakfast on Sundays. People who have only known the United States of America as their home.

Mr. President, how can you be so cruel? These people are Americans. They believe in what America can be and not the white-nationalist-anti-immigrant-anti-semetic mecca that some want it to be. They probably believe in a more inclusive America than you, and they weren’t even born here.

I was raised to be proud of my country. And in a way, I still am. But as I look around, I am starting to recognize it less and less. The people that I should be able to trust to guide my country are people that I wouldn’t trust to walk my dog. I feel so disillusioned with the way that things are going, and I have no idea how to change them.

I want to feel hopeful in my government, but is has caused me so much anger and heartache over the past several months that I am finding it hard to keep the faith.

Mr. President, I pray to God that you find your way and realize that what you are doing is not in the best interests for the country or anyone else. I pray that you realize the errors of your ways and see people as people instead of political bargaining chips.

I don’t have high hopes, but what little hope I do have is in your hands, Mr. Trump.