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4 Steps to Integrate into your ManyChat Chatbot
Jan 19 · 4 min read

We at are dedicated to providing Many different monetization tools for the growing chatbot ecosystem.

So it gives us great pleasure to announce the general availability of ManyChat integration!!! and ManyChat — a monetization match made in heaven!

In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of integrating into your ManyChat Messenger chatbot.

In case you don’t know, is a chatbot monetization platform and Ad network for 3rd party chatbots. We empower developers to create monetization opportunities that feel natural and add value to their chatbots and conversational experiences.

At, we provide easy to use APIs, Reports and supply the advertisers so you can focus on building amazing chatbots.

We pay by the click, from $0.10 to $0.90 per click. A chatbot with 10,000 subscribers can expect to earn $2,000 — $3,000 per month.

For the most current opportunities, visit this page.


To start, we’re assuming you already have a ManyChat chatbot. We’re also assuming you don’t have a account. So…

Step One:

Create an account & Create your first Ad Agent

  • Sign up at HTTPS://
  • Create an account. You’ll go through the first time user flow.
  • Once done, select “Create Ad Agent”. Ad agents are display advertisements that appear as part of your chatbot conversation. They are 100% native.
Figure #1: Creating an Ad agent is step one to turning your Manychat Chatbot into a cash machine

Step Two:

Name your Agent and Select ManyChat for Integration

Figure #2: makes integration with ManyChat simple and fast!

At we’ve tried our best to make integration as easy as possible. For your ManyChat chatbot, all you need to do is name your Ad Agent and save. Once saved we provision you an API key and an encoded URL that you copy and paste into your ManyChat chatbot.

Figure #3: ManyChat Integration Screen provided by

Figure #3: This Integration Screen Makes Monetization with ManyChat simple and easy

Pro Tip: Place an Ad Agent in the Main Menu. Label it “ 🚀Surprise Me”. Your users will click and see a rotating inventory of ads promoting a variety of contextually relevant brands and businesses.

Figure #4: Earn $$$ each time a user clicks a Advertisement!

Our Ad types come in all flavors. Our advertising partners promote their own chatbots, app downloads and installations, registrations, online purchases and email sign-ups.

Healthy food promoted by Fit N Simple Chatbot

Step Three:

Implementing the Integration

Select Dynamic Content to Implement API

Once in your ManyChat Chatbot, Select “Dynamic”.

This assumes you have a Pro Account. If you don’t, rest assured that you’ll make enough money each month from to pay for your Pro Account monthly charge.

Select Request Type “POST”.

Paste the URL you copied previously. It should look like this:{{ User Id }}/manychat?apiKey=BzbJZv119w8RxmKO98qMYaLW3fBcLG8S8SP29vV4&recommend=true&n=3

Highlight User Id then select User Variable User Id

Finally, select BODY and add Full Subscriber Data.

This is very important, without this step we can’t filter the offers correctly.

That’s it! You’re done with the integration!

Newton Living Promoted by the BabyBot

Step Four:

Placement of the Ads

This is totally up to you. Some tutorials can be found HERE. We keep the tutorials and best practices current here. At a minimum, we recommend a minimum of two placements in your chatbot experience.

  1. In the Main Menu. Label it “🎉Surprise Me 👀” or “Randomness” or “Meet my Bot Friends” or “Meet my Friends”. We’ve seen lots of success with the Surprise Me placement!
  2. When users Unsubscribe… Before a user leaves you forever why not show them something that could generate some💰💰💰 We’ve actually seen high CTR from this placement and consider it a best practice.
Place a “Surprise Me” as a best practice.


If you run into any issues, please reach out to us at We also have lots of recorded tutorials on Facebook & Youtube.

If you found this helpful please share, clap and all that goodness!!!

We love you all!

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