Product Enhancement: 100% Campaign Transparency
Aug 30, 2019 · 4 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that with this latest enhancement you can now select specific ad campaigns to promote within your chatbot. 100% transparent so we’re calling it Campaign Transparency!

Control which type of advertisement is shown in your chatbot!

Hello Botmakers! Today is a great day!

Making money with chatbots just got a lot easier and a whole lot profitable.

Today we’re pleased to announce that you can select individual campaigns to show your audience. In this post we’ll describe what this enhancement means to you plus add some tips and tricks on how to use it best.

Here’s the Tutorial! Chatbot Monetization at its Finest!

What does this mean for you, the Botmaker?

Have a chatbot that deals with sports? We have sports-related ads you can select.

Have a chatbot with lots of automotive content? We have auto-related ads you can select.

Have a chatbot with health & fitness content? We have lots of health and fitness content for you to promote and earn money.

Design sequences and flows that lead your users to each of the various ad campaigns.

Today we have over three dozen campaigns running that you can gain access to. Those campaigns cover an assortment of verticals and have a variety of PPC amounts, which range from $0.01 to $0.85 per click.

That’s right, eighty-five Cents Per Click!

Most campaigns are targeted at users within the USA. Today 11 are global. We are very close to rolling out 10+ campaigns focused on the Middle East and Asia so please check back throughout September.

In your dashboard, look for the UPDATE CAMPAIGNS button. Press it and watch the money start rolling in!

Each campaign is represented by a single card.

Each card contains the details for that specific campaign. Check back often because we’re adding new campaigns every week!

The card will have:

  1. The vertical or category that best represents the ad campaign.
  2. How much the campaign pays on a per-click basis.
  3. Targeting info, which means only users in those regions will see the ad campaign and only users in those regions that click will generate the advertised PPC earnings amount.
  4. Notes. These are important to review. We use this section to share all the important information that’s specific to this campaign. We like to describe the brand and how best to promote the offer, we’ll also include links to any additional material that could help you succeed, specifically with that campaign.
  5. A select box. To select a specific campaign all you need to do is X the box and hit the save button. If you want to make any changes, don’t forget to save.
Select ads based on vertical, target region or which pays the most!

How should you use Campaign Transparency?

We’re excited to see how all the Botmakers implement these new agents. Watch our documentation section for tutorials and videos. We’ve been beta testing for the past 3 months and have found that the most successful implementations are the ones that ask filter questions such as:

Do you care about saving money?

When a user presses the Yes button, show them the relevant ad. If a user says No, then ask them another question that leads to another opportunity to monetize.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing tutorials and implementation best practices on how to make the most money without upsetting your users by spamming them with a bunch of stuff they’re not interested in.

Keep in mind that this enhancement is meant to give you, the botmaker more flexibility and therefore an opportunity to earn more money. Our Terms of Use are still very much in effect so please don’t abuse the system.

PRO TIP: When implementing an ad agent, you can manually add &n=1 to the end of the URL to only show one advertiser at a time. This is especially effective when using campaign transparency.{{ messenger user id }}/query?apiKey=10101101API_KEY_HERE_10101&recommend=true&n=1

Track which agents and which chatbots perform the best and make you the most money with improved Reporting!

With our enhanced reporting, you can also track how much money you make from each agent and each chatbot, so you’re able to test unique flows and see which ones your users like the most.

Making money with chatbots has never been so easy!

Check back soon for video tutorials and additional advertisers.

Questions? Reach us at

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to the entire team for making this happen. Huge team effort!

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Peace! Team for Publishers

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