Earn $15,000 a Month with Cashbot.ai Sponsorships

You Have an Amazing Chatbot. We know Amazing Advertisers who will Pay to Sponsor your Chatbot. Just another way Cashbot.ai helps you make money from Chatbots.

Ever Heard of Influencer Marketing? Ever watched the Indy 500 and seen those logos on the side of the race cars? Well, Cashbot.ai can do the same thing with your chatbot.

Make sure your chatbot profile is current so Cashbot.ai can get you sponsored!

At Cashbot.ai we deal with a lot of advertisers. Over the past 6 months, we’ve gotten requests to meet chatbot publishers who have amazing chatbots with amazing audiences. But instead of placing an advertisement they’d prefer to sponsor the chatbot or even an experience within the chatbot itself.

Take our friends at HeySkip. This killer chatbot is on a mission to get you back to the great outdoors.

You can ask Skip about conditions, snow reports, weather, updates on lift openings/closures and much more.

Skip has a very dedicated ski and snowboard loving audience. But Skip rather than show ads, Skip opted to go the sponsorship route.

Brands like North Face, Alpine, Squaw and REI were all excited to sponsor specific experiences within the Skip experience. We started with a two week sponsored Snow Report from UBER, earning Skip well over $5,000.

Each day a snow report would show up in all subscribers inbox with a small messages “Brought to you by UBER”. If a user asked for snow conditions, that response would include the same.

At week 3 the sponsorship changed to a simple “AskSkip brought to you by UBER” in the main menu. What a wonderful way to earn some money!

Cashbot.ai Sponsorship Badge

Do you have an amazing chatbot with super-engaged users? Is your audience hyper enthusiastic or niche? If so we’d love to hear from you and see if we can get your chatbot sponsored.

Your earnings can range from $500 — $30,000 a month. Not bad right?

Sound interesting?

Want to get sponsored?

Cashbot.ai Chatbot Profile Page

Step 1: When you create your chatbot profile within the Cashbot.ai application, make sure all your data is accurate and make sure you check the sponsorship box.

Step 2: Make sure all the information is accurate and your contact info is current.

Step 3: Upload a profile picture for your chatbot.

Step 4: Continue to build and grow your amazing chatbot.

Every week, our sales team at EyeLevel.ai meets with Advertisers from all over the world. They pull the latest reports and share your profiles. They pitch sponsorship opportunities and when there’s interest, you’ll hear from us.

Any questions? Contact us at support@cashbot.ai

That’s all for today!

Love, Team Cashbot!

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