Earnings Multipliers: How to Make $10,000 a Month with Chatbots

We at Eyelevel.ai (AKA Cashbot.ai) are excited to announce a huge enhancement to our platform. We think you’re going to love it!

Eyelevel for Publishers keeps making it easier to earn income, with chatbots, from home!

Oh, and it’s a GAME CHANGER!!!

New Chatbot Monetization Features to Help you Make Money with Chatbots!

For over two years, we’ve been trying to help chatbot makers, developers, owners and operators — make money from their amazing chatbot creations.

We’ve come to work with huge tier-one media companies with chatbots, and we’ve worked with those individuals who love to build chatbots. We love working with them all. To us, it’s all the same, deliver the same four value propositions and let the ecosystem benefit.

Make it super easy to earn money from chatbots.

Make it lucrative.

Make it so the end-users love it.

Make it simple to install, measure and modify.

Today we partner with thousands of Botmakers folks and over the past 2 years we’ve grown our network to over 1,900 “publishers” who use our platform to monetize their chatbots and interactions between those bots and their audience.

During that time, we’ve come across some great Chatbots and some great Chatbot Publishers and some bad chatbots and some bad Chatbot Publishers.

So we asked ourselves the question…

How do we reward the truly GREAT Botmakers and publishers for their hard work and amazing chatbots?

We wanted a way to reward the best Botmakers & Publishers in our network because we want them to keep doing what they’re doing and hopefully tell their friends. That’s how we see this ecosystem growing.

Multiply your Chatbot Earnings with the EyeLevel for Publishers Earings Multiplier!

This enhancement, called Earnings Multiplier, is very simple to understand. We apply a multiplier to your overall earnings, which are generated each time your users click on ads.

Example: Currently we’re paying out $0.75 per click from a USA user. In your bot, if users click on that ad 10 times you’ll earn $7.50. With a multiplier of 2, you’ll actually have earned $15.00!!!

Every Earnings Multiplier is Set at 1x by default. The cool things you do with your chatbot will cause it to increase and for you to make more money!

You’re probably asking yourself…

“How do I get a high multiplier?”


What’s the formula for figuring out my multiplier?”

We factor over a dozen parameters when determining your Earnings Multiplier. Most are pretty straightforward, some are proprietary.

The important ones are:

  1. You have an engaged chatbot audience and is that audience growing.
  2. You value our service and demonstrate you understand that our advertisers have to receive value for this business to work.
  3. You implement our integrations correctly and post the required attributes consistently.
  4. You follow our TOS and don’t violate the TOS of our partner platforms like Facebook and others.
  5. You expose our promotional content to your users in innovative ways and generate unique clicks and engagements consistently.
  6. You understand where campaigns are targeted and match users in those regions with those campaigns, rather than show ads to users who are not targeted. Example: If an offer is targeting USA audience, you show that offer to a USA audience with a high frequency.
  7. You take advantage of features like Campaign Transparency, which enables you to deploy multiple agents into one chatbot.
Publishers that abuse our platform will receive a reduced multiplier 😢

8. You never try and defraud our company by using our platform in ways it wasn’t meant to be used. For more on this please visit our documentation page.

The rest is technical stuff, and as we continue to build out our platform and service we’ll be sure to share more and more behaviors and strategies you can employ to raise your Earnings Multiplier.

That’s all for now! Thanks for much and we look forward to making you all $10,000 each and every month!

Love Team EyeLevel!

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