Debate Night — Round 2

Honestly folks, I had a whole slew of funny (eh?) jokes to make about our mockery of an election this year. But you know what? One of the candidates running has made this whole thing so f*cking distasteful that I feel kind of dirty making a joke of it. I get it, we really shouldn’t be offended by anything. You know, live a little. But this is crossing a line, especially with the given situation.

I mean, really think about it — the chance a guy who talks about abusing other women’s rights and groping them as he pleases could be our next president. Let that reality set in.

Apparently, to some Americans (not me), we are supposed to be the nation that sets the tone of the free world. Well, how the f*ck can we do that when certain genders and races in this society don’t have an equal say or grasp on that freedom? That only the rich and powerful white males here can do as they please and walk all over others? That’s not equality, not even close.

I get it Repubs — Bill is misogynistic. Hillary lied about Benghazi. GW invaded a country over false pretenses and showered in innocent blood. It’s been proven year after year politicians will put their power before anything else. After all, it’s you folk who are complaining about Obama overstepping his bounds, right? You’re the ones griping about how big government is overstepping it’s boundaries.

You really think that’s going to change with Trump? You really think he’s going to put your best interests before his? You really think he’s going to scale back on his power? I think you should listen to that video again if that’s the case.

Sighs. Well, I know I’ll be drinking again at The Roomer (seriously, I gotta find out where the Kennedy hideout is here) on old fashions and fine bourbon. Sadly this time around it won’t be out the sheer HIL-arity (jokes!) of this year’s election. It’ll be out of fear.