Honor the call, even when you have other shit to do

Listen to the article while driving

I had a challenge:

I went to college to get a degree in Religious Studies with the intention of going into a career of service — Not a priest, that’s a story for another time.

I wanted to be of service. Help people.

As I started classes, I realized that Religious Studies wasn’t the way that I wanted to go about doing and being of service, so I switched my major to Management Information Systems, fancy for business IT guy.

That led to a 14-year career in IT services, and 10 years as a business owner . I was able to “be of service” to the small business community and help them get their companies launched, running and operational so they could serve other people.

I never really was a geek, technically. I just knew how to use Google, self taught myself 65% of it, knew how to ask people questions, referred to others when needed, made a great living, and recently sold my business.

I wanted to be of service. Help people get what they wanted.

I am currently transitioning to a new way to “be of service” to others. Thank you for reading!

I am constantly torn though. Many would consider me an expert in Small Business IT. However, I am more interested in “the helping people” part of Small Business rather than the technical mumbo jumbo of IT.

There will never be an end to the need for my IT skill set. I can continue to reset passwords, build out offices, start up new locations, find a new vendor, and help people fulfill their dreams.

But what about my growth? What about my opportunity to serve other people? What about my opportunity to serve differently?

Here is what I did:

I honored the call to help people all along the way. I started educating myself at night and on the weekends.

I read books. I started taking classes. I found slots of time (morning walks, commute, shower). I started listening to books and to podcasts.

I booked time out of my business to attend seminars in other cities.

I started to hone my craft of service in my IT business and in my life.

Today, I have taken one formal class a semester since 2013. I’m currently taking two different classes in two different schools this semester to springboard more of my degree requirements because…

I want to be of service. Help business owners align their family goals with their business goals.

Here is the one thing you can do:

We need to be in service to ourselves by honoring whatever calls us especially when we have so shit much going on. Snowball efforts starting now. This in turn enables us to be of service to others and eventually get what we want.

What has been calling you?

What do you think about doing each day when you are “working”?

What would you do every day (after a 3 week vacation) if you had all the money you needed?

It doesn’t have to be a career change, just something to acknowledge that little voice that has been asking you to do something for years.

Like my friend Phillip, who is in stealth mode right now, listening to his call to perform magic, who has learned this skill over time, loves to wow his friends and soon corporate clients.

Or my friend Shawn who taught himself woodworking, invested in tools, shares this interest with his kids and is building a hobby slowly into a side business.

So pick one thing that has been calling you. Take a class, preferably paid, pick up a book, or join a group. Start today, this week, or this month and repeat at an interval even though you have other shit to do.

If you found value in this, please recommend. If it sucked, tell me in the comments. Questions? Ask.