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Year 0

A day after the 382nd anniversary of the National Guard’s founding, I enlisted in the original unit: the 181st Infantry Regiment. It is the oldest continuously-active and oldest combat unit in the Americas, founded in 1636 as the Massachusetts Bay Colony Militia.

National Guard seal

Each “year” in this series represents the cumulative achievements following a full year of service, beginning December 14th and ending December 13th in the following year. This initial post serves as a foundation and reflects my standing at the onset of my enlistment.


  • Position: Enlistee
  • Unit: 181st Infantry Regiment
  • Rank: Specialist
  • Grade: E4
  • Primary MOS: none
  • Secondary MOS: none
  • Years of service: 0
  • Deployments: 0
  • Service stripes: 0
  • Overseas service bars: 0
  • Awards: none
  • Decorations: none
  • Service ribbons: none
  • Medals: none
  • Combat badges: none
  • Skill badges: none
  • Marksmanship badges: none
  • Identification badges: none
  • Tabs: none
  • APFT: none on record
  • ACFT: none on record
  • AITs complete: 0
  • Schools: none




This is a publication meant to document my experience and career growth in the United States armed forces.

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