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Year 1

On January 28, 2019, I boarded a flight from Boston to Atlanta to attend Army basic training and advanced individual training (AIT) at Fort Benning, GA. My target MOS was 11B (Infantryman). Basic training and AIT were combined into a single training program referred to as One Site Unit Training (OSUT).

Infantry Center and School crest and shoulder patch

During OSUT, I obtained a perfect Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score of 300. This score, alongside my Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score, allowed me to participate in a relatively new initiative from the National Guard referred to as Ranger Team Leader Initiative (RTLI). This 30-day course prepares new recruits for Ranger school.

On May 17, I graduated OSUT and earned the MOS of 11B. That same day, I was taken to RTLI barracks. After RTLI, I was sent to Ranger Training Assessment Course (RTAC), also known as “pre-Ranger.” Completing this 14 day course earned my slot in Ranger school. I started in class 08–19 through A Co. I graduated in class 11–19.

Ranger tab

Completing Ranger school earned me a slot in Airborne School. Three weeks later, I pinned my parachutist badge. In December, nearly six months later than anticipated, I left Fort Benning.

Parachutist badge


  • Position: Enlistee → Trainee → Soldier → Infantryman
  • Unit: 181st Infantry Regiment
  • Rank: Specialist
  • Grade: E4
  • Primary MOS: 11B10V
  • Secondary MOS: none
  • Years of service: 1
  • Deployments: 0
  • Service stripes: 0
  • Overseas service bars: 0
  • Awards: none
  • Decorations: none
  • Service ribbons: Army Service Ribbon, National Defense Service Ribbon
  • Medals: none
  • Combat badges: none
  • Skill badges: Parachutist badge
  • Marksmanship badges: Expert Marksman (Carbine)
  • Identification badges: none
  • Tabs: Ranger tab
  • APFT: 300
  • ACFT: none on record
  • AITs complete: 0
  • Schools: Basic training, AIT, RTLI, RTAC, Ranger school, Airborne school




This is a publication meant to document my experience and career growth in the United States armed forces.

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