Branded boxes for cheap

In e-commerce, your branding is essential to how your customers remember you. There’s all kinds of ways to look great when your package is finally opened so that people will film it. In this series I’ll talk about a few really low-cost ways of branding your shipping boxes so people know where it’s coming from.

It’s important to look at it from your customers’ perspective. These are some questions you should ask yourself:

  1. How expensive is the subscription and what would buyer’s value out of this subscription?
  2. How likely are the buyers of your product keeping their product within the box they receive the items in?
  3. What kind of box style are you shipping the box in? Is it taped up everywhere when the buyers receive it?

I’m sure most of you know of companies such as which are great but are on the high-end of branded boxes.

Note: If your product is high-value and people know it there will be a high likelihood of someone stealing it. Please keep this in mind for your customers and that’s why some very high-end brands no longer brand their shipping boxes.

1. Buy regular brown boxes and then buy a stamp! It’s very simple trick and allows you to play around with different styles without committing to a larger order of boxes that might be expensive.

2. Buy white boxes and stickers and apply them to your box. There’s all kinds of stickers that work and look better than a simple stamp if you’re going for a much more impressive look. Also you can buy lower quantities of stickers and even customize them for your customers! For example, if it’s getting close to their birthday you can put a birthday cake sticker with a simple note inside the box.

3. Buy branded brown boxes which also look great and you can use the styles you found work with stamps/stickers to commit to a larger order size.

Places to buy above:

  1. Branded brown boxes & stamps can be purchased from
  2. Stickers can be purchased from

I’m sure there’s many other places but those are the people we’ve used for our customers in the past and look great!