Myths of subscription box fulfillment

Why you shouldn’t fear outsourcing fulfillment

Outsourced fulfillment is not for everyone, but you most likely avoid it for the wrong reasons. The most common one being “it’s too expensive.” It can be if you don’t prepare properly.

Your skepticism about it is more rooted in myths heard through the grapevine. Subscription box commerce is a highly scalable opportunity, but it’s too easy squander because of avoidable fulfillment mistakes.

Don’t let early success blind you from the mess created by inefficient logistics.

When you begin to see success, you’ll find yourself buried too deep into tasks that can easily be delegated.

I do it better myself. I don’t need a cookie-cutter operation.

Nothing more satisfying than good ‘ol DIY, especially when it can save you money. We’re all for cost reduction, but only when it can maximize your value. At the early stages, however, it doesn’t make sense. You won’t get the same heavily discounted shipping rates a fulfillment company receives.

Fulfillment is an entirely different business that requires dedicated attention. All too often, many find themselves overwhelmed because of this. It’s difficult to focus on sales and logistics equally. At a certain stage you’ll need a team to handle the growing complexities of subscription box fulfillment.

Don’t do it by yourself.

Yes, the unboxing experience is your most important selling point. Screwing it up will surely damage your business. This is why you shouldn’t go with a run-of-the mill fulfillment service. What you need is a partner that truly understands what it means to be customer focused. The fulfillment partner should have specifically designed software tools to ensure your operation can be executed to your liking.

I can knock it out over the weekend with friends.

Sure, you and a few buddies can easily take care of several hundred boxes in a weekend. Don’t forget, though, each month you’ll deal with sourcing supplies, assembling boxes, kitting, and preparing for shipments. If you’re trying to grow, then the time spent doing all of this will only increase. Time better saved for sales, product development, marketing,etc.
 These tasks are also supremely boring. Why suffer through such a mundane process when companies exist for this alone.

I deal with a lot of different products

As does a well-run fulfillment partner. Packing and shipping boxes is the bread and butter of fulfillment companies. If they can’t do this, they don’t deserve to exist.

What you should look for is a partner that uses technology specifically for fulfillment to optimize the process. Do they have algorithms in place to efficiently pack your boxes? Software is integral to ensure your boxes can be quickly shipped out, real-time inventory updates are provided, and customer order statuses are readily available.

What you want is a fulfillment partner as equally invested in your business with only your best interests in mind. They’ll be able to reduce your costs, help you grow quicker, and put you in the best position to succeed.