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Let’s Put An End to Unfair Parking Rules and Disproportionate Fines

June Prompts, Day 12

Alan AJ
the Challenged
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3 min readJun 12, 2024


A car park with just one car in it.
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June 12: Alan AJ asks, “If you could make a new law, what would it be, and what would be the penalty for breaking it?”

I’ve done it again! I’ve suggested a prompt without thinking how I would answer it! (I’d better not suggest a new law against doing that! 😆)

[AJ makes several attempts to write this story.]

I propose a new law against unfair parking fines and rules

Here in England, my town has a variety of car parks.

Some allow free parking for the first two hours, after which you pay £3 for an extra hour.

If you go over the free time and forget to pay, you are fined £100. That’s over 33 times more!

I object to that kind of disproportionate fine. They should be limited to what you would have paid to park, plus a small administration fee.

They should not be profiting from forgetful drivers.

Another example is free car parks where you still have to obtain a ticket.



Alan AJ
the Challenged

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