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Maybe the OCD Traits I Experience When Letting Go of Possessions Relate to Grief and Loss

June Prompts, Day 11

Alan AJ
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3 min readJun 11, 2024


I struggle to let go of possessions or leave a location for the last time without taking countless photos. I also worry I’ve failed to lock doors during stressful moments.

Several empty plastic storage boxes outdoors.
Last year I made progress and ended up with several empty boxes. Author’s photo

June 11: Deanna Bugalski asks, do you have any obsessions or compulsions?

Maybe I have OCD

I know people overuse the term OCD, but it would not surprise me if I met the criteria for diagnosis.

It affects me in ways that range from time-consuming to embarrassing.

Being selective is hard

It’s most apparent when trying to let go of possessions. I find it hard to accept I’ll never see something again.

If there are several similar items, being selective would make sense, but I see subtle differences and find an excuse to keep every variant.

Letting go and taking countless photos

One supposed solution is to take photos, but the era of digital cameras and smartphones has made that a nightmare.



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