2019: A year of enterprising solutions

2019 has been a superb year for Challenges! For the past 12 months our management consultants and business trainers in Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Ghana, Ethiopia and the UK have been involved an array of exciting projects, working with small businesses, development agencies, co-ops, entrepreneurs and young professionals.

And as 2019 draws to a close, we’re deeply excited about the year ahead as we continue to deliver enterprising solutions to global challenges. As for the past year, here’s a brief selection of highlights from across The Challenges Group!

Unveiling of our analysis of Ugandan solar sector.

In Uganda, we partnered with USEA to map the country’s solar sector and launched the Youth to Work programme, part of Standard Chartered’s pioneering Futuremakers campaign.

In Zambia, we travelled across the country, delivering 1300 days of business support and training to hundreds of SMEs as part of our work with PEPZ and Musika, while also supporting the successful organisation of the Impact Capital Africa event.

In Malawi, our CROPS project saw farmers increase their yields and incomes, while also creating professional managerial and skilled technical jobs where none previously existed.

Rwandan coffee co-op workers received training to boost capacity and quality.

In Rwanda, we continue to support the efforts of the country’s coffee sector, while also enabling young entrepreneurs to launch their own enterprises, creating jobs and boosting the economy.

In Ethiopia we ran an investment-readiness programme that saw 20 enterprises receiving managerial and operational support to prepare for investment deals as well as the training of 20 young professionals in management and leadership and professional consulting. And of course, we had teams from across The Challenges Group taking part in presentations and panel discussions on entrepreneurialism at the Social Enterprise World Forum in Addis Ababa, as well as a tour of social enterprises in the Ethiopian capital.

In Ghana, we worked with the International Organization for Migration, supporting returning migrants back into work or self-employment through business training.

Challenges hosted entrepreneurship panel at the Social Enterprise World Forum.

We also saw teams from all our offices come together in Addis Ababa for the Social Enterprise World Forum, an absolute highlight of the year and at which we ran panels on youth entrepreneurship, delivered a Challenges showcase and took part in a series of discussions on impact, enterprise and youth unemployment.

And in the UK we continued to work with enterprises looking to develop markets overseas, ran a variety of projects including learning and development programmes with third sector clients and iNGOs, while also taking a major role in the launch of the Montgomery Street Lane enterprise hub.

The Challenges Group

Enterprising solutions to global challenges

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