TCR Brief: Trump Denies He Did Deal With Dems, But Then Endorses Most Of What Pelosi And Schumer Said He Agreed To. And Then Says A Deal Is “Fairly Close”

Here’s what appears to have happened:

• “Chuck and Nancy” go over to the White House for a meal. While dining on Chinese food and chocolate cream pie, they hash out a framework with the President for a deal where up to 800,000 undocumented immigrants, most of whom arrived as children, can stay in the country. Quick and dirty like the President has always promised he’d do. Trump last week cancelled the Obama-era DACA program, citing a pending legal challenge led by Texas’ Attorney General.

• The top Dems emerge from the dinner to say in exchange for Trump agreeing to protect the “Dreamers”, they’d agreed to a border security funding package, but pointedly said that does not include a border wall.

That mobilizes Trump’s baseagainst him. Radical Right Wing Anti-Immigration Isolationist Nationalists got very little sleep last night. Trump heard them. (Did you not realize how rabid your base is, Mr. President? Or did you never imagine they’d come for you?) So early this morning he Tweeted a denial that anything resembling a deal ever took place:

• At the same time, God Bless Him, he stuck to his gut on the Dreamers, and in a 2nd and 3rd Tweet, expressed his support for exactly what Schumer and Pelosi said he’d agreed to:

• So by now, everybody is angry, hopeful, confused, or a combination of any 2 of the 3.

• Then there’s “the wall.” The White House had already spoken out about the Dems contention on this:

Trump follows up with:

Interestingly, a Schumer spokesperson had already gone out of his way to clarify that his boss didn’t mean to imply the President was giving up on “the wall”, just that is was not going to be part of this deal.

• Then later in the morning, when questioned by reporters on his way to Florida, Trump seemed to pull a U-ey again, saying yes indeed he’s “fairly close” to a deal with Democrats, and while that deal would include “massive border security”….”the wall will come later”. He said Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are already “on board”.

Don’t you get the feeling the President is loving this?

We gotta leave it there. We’ll update you tomorrow AM on whatever happens between now and then.

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