Trump Claims He’s Already Started Building His Wall

We have been pointing out for months that there already is a wall in place across 600 miles of the border with Mexico. And since not many people seem to know about it even now, Trump should just take credit for it, and be done with it.

Finally, the President seems to be moving in that direction, telling reporters he has, in effect, already started building because “we have some wall that’s already up that we’re already fixing….It’s already started…..So in a true sense, we’ve already started the wall.”

He also said he wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to put solar panels up to help it pay for itself (until Mexico does). He also said the wall needs to be transparent, not solid, which is pretty much a description of a lot of what’s in place right now.

The President has an odd explanation for a see-thru wall: smugglers might routinely throw 60 lb sacks of drugs over it, and he doesn’t want anyone on the other side accidentally getting hit in the head. We are not making this up. (And also, then they’d need health care.)

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