All Hail the Great Rebel Alliance!

Sam Ursu
Sam Ursu
Jan 6 · 2 min read

The other day, I was going through some of my old files, and I was astonished to see all of the different folders that I have in the chatbot directory. on my computer. Out of curiosity, I decided to count them all up to see how many chatbots I’ve built.

Turns out that there are now 49 production chatbots out there in the world that I helped build… 😲

🎉 Therefore, for my 50th chatbot, I wanted to do something truly special. I wanted to build a game, but not just any game. I wanted to build a voice-powered game!

These days, voice-powered apps (Alexa calls them “skills” while Google calls them “actions”), including games, are quite common. But I have been dreaming of building a voice-powered game for nearly 40 years.

Way back in 1983 (yes, that date is correct), the Milton Bradley company released what was probably the first voice-controlled game in history — Championship Baseball. Say what?! At a time when Pac-Man was still new, someone created a game that you could play with your voice??

Sadly, I never got to play that game because, although we owned a computer, we didn’t own the voice synthesizer necessary to play games like Champion Baseball.

🚀 But now, all these years later, I managed not only to play a voice-powered game but to design and build one:

(no baseball, sorry)

Starship Zumanji is a sci-fi “Choose Your Own Adventure” game, sometimes known as IF or “interactive fiction”. What distinguishes this type of game is that the narrative changes when you make choices.

🤔 The game begins when you wake up alone in a locked room aboard the Starship Zumanji. From there, you must figure out everything on your own.

Do you have what it takes to save the galaxy?

Play Starship Zumanji

👉 Google Actionhere

👉 Facebook Messengerhere


Note: The FB and Telegram versions are not voice-controlled, but the gameplay is audio-based.

I hope you have fun playing my game 👾

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Sam Ursu

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