What to wear to your Tech Event

Charlie Cheung
Feb 4 · 4 min read

When it comes to footwear, keep it simple and sleek

I used to be a boot-loving girl throughout University. But once those late nights started happening in the lab, I bought my first pair of sneakers outside of the ones for gym use and haven’t looked back. With the surge of casual and comfy fashion and athleisure, sneakers are a must-have for any wardrobe. Even so, try to avoid wearing sneakers to an interview. Luckily, almost anything else will work. Boots (without the fur), kitten heels, flats — any of those are good.

Stay away from athletic wear

Yes, this includes yoga pants. Having other interests is a great thing and totally interesting if you can smoothly bring it up during an interview, but you don’t want your interviewer to think you just got out of the gym.

Stay conservative

Fashion is something that should be enjoyed and personal and I’m a strong believer in looking good, feeling good, doing good. And while interesting fashion choices are great conversation starters, you’re getting interviewed for your skills and that’s where you should make yourself memorable. You don’t want to be the inappropriately dressed interviewee story your interviewer uses to break the ice with in the future. My rule of thumb is: if you won’t wear it to meet your partner’s parents, it’s also a hard no for interviews.


Oh, the fashion staple of university students, cowboys, and developers. I’m a firm supporter of wearing jeans to an event or interview as they’re comfortable, fashionable, and so easy to match. Stay away from jeans that are too distressed, faded, or light wash though. These appear too casual and could make your interviewer feel like you don’t respect them enough to dress up for an interview.


So this might be kind of a weird one but from what I’ve noticed with developers and designers, we all bring a backpack to work. If you’re jumping from a class to an interview or you were working earlier, a backpack is nothing you should ever be ashamed to take into an interview. It doesn’t even need to be a backpack that matches your outfit. Just make sure it’s clearly used for practical purposes sizewise.

See-through clothing

Layering is a great way to show off your fashionable side without showing an inappropriate amount of skin for an interview. A see-through chiffon top paired with a cute cami is super trendy and easy, breezy, beautiful. Remember, less is more so be mindful of how much skin you are revealing. When wearing a see through top for your interview, try to stick to only showing off the arms.

General Tips

Be comfortable. You might have to write on a whiteboard if you’re in a technical interview so make sure you’re in an outfit you can dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge in.

Remember, you don’t need a totally new wardrobe. You probably already have the perfect outfit in your wardrobe.

Have a chic 2019!

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The Chic Geek

Encouraging women to be builders and creators leveraging technology to shape the world we live in.