Campers Get Frustrated Due to Lack of Cell Phone Service

BLACK HILLS, SD - A group of campers ended up having to rush out of the Black Hills today to Rapid City due to a lack of cell phone service. Eye witnesses said members of the group were having an irrational panic attacks and extreme irritation.

The members of the group did speak to the Chicago Globe. 20 year old Veronica Sharpton, a 20 year old from Ohio State and self proclaimed environmentalist, said:

“How will we post what we’re doing to like Instagram or Twitter? Verizon like advertises nationwide coverage so you have to ask if they’re like lying or what.”

It is unclear what the campers will now do. Their campsite is now abandoned, and the campers claim they “simply can not like go back there ever.”

Jackson Dyehard is a reporter for The Chicago Globe. If you have a tip you can reach him either be emailing him at or by contacting him on Twitter.

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