Hillary Clinton Redirects Press Corp. Back to Trump

“It would be more worthwhile to go to Donald’s campaign event.”

CINCINNATI, OH — Before the rally held today in Cincinnati, Ohio, Secretary Clinton discussed with her press corp. how they should redirect their resources and time to the Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. We were present to witness her statement to her press corp:

“You know I’m not going to go out and say that all muslims are racist or that I’m going to build a wall. There is nothing newsworthy in my speech.. it’s the same stump speech I do every time!
I will give you the address to today’s Trump rally. I’ll even help you get there! I just want you to cover the news that matters most… Democracy is in the balance people.”

Critics are calling Secretary Clinton’s move “hilarious and sad.” Bob Lee, who is a member of the Conservatives of America movement, said the fact she even had this conversation was “insulting to our Republican candidate.”

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