RIO: IOC Has Fireside Dinner With FIFA

RIO DE JANEIRO — Following the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, it is being reported that the IOC and FIFA went on a date and had a delicious fireside seafood dinner. The dinner, which was paired with some red wine, went late into the night. The two organizations shared similar experiences when it came to dealmaking, venues, and athlete treatment. The NFL was also there, third wheeling the date, but was dismissed by the other two organizations as “not being on the same level.”

The NFL left the dinner early upset that the other two said it had a “a lack of international appeal.” The IOC and FIFA, however, looked very comfortable together as they left, wishing each other a “lack of external oversight” in their futures.

The IOC then headed back to the cruise-ship it rented. It spent the night thinking how lucky they were to not be staying in the Olympic Village.

The Olympics, which the IOC runs, will being tomorrow.

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