RIO: Olympians Practice Building Collapse, Kidnapping Drills

RIO DE JANEIRO — An anonymous source has reported that 2016 olympians have had to undergo a series of safety drills and skills prior to their participation in their respective sports. These drills, which the athletes had to undergo to “insure safety”, were held it top secrecy. The athletes that participated were not allowed to share details of the drills with the public.

However, The Chicago Globe has obtained from an anonymous source a list of the drills provided. It should be noted that the following list has been confirmed by multiple sources.

What to do if:

  1. you’re kidnapped.
  2. you’re bitten by a mosquito.
  3. the Olympic lodging collapses.
  4. you ingest water while swimming.
  5. someone offers you drugs.
  6. you’re robbed.

It is unclear if these drills will affect Olympian participation or lodging arrangements.

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