University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Names Clinton Honorary Warhawk

WHITEWATER, WI — The student council at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater today named Hillary Clinton as this year’s honorary Warhawk. The award, which is given once annually, will give the former Secretary an honorary degree at the University as well as a chance to speak to the incoming Freshman in the fall.

The Chicago Globe had a chance to speak to students from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater who are currently attending their summer program. Myla Smith, a junior at the university, said the following about the announcement:

“Ya know, I really like the idea of us giving her the honorary Warhawk award. I mean, I’m sure she’s gotten tons of these awards and degrees in the past but like, I think its gonna like resonate with people more ya know?”

It is unclear if the Secretary will accept the honor. The Secretary has not yet commented on the announcement.

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