White Suburban Rapper Struggles to Start Career

PARK RIDGE, IL — Jason Reardon, a recently graduated senior from Maine South High School, looks happy and relaxed. This is surprising as Reardon, who has been unemployed for 4 months and has declared multiple times angrily he’s not going to college, has no sort of income.

“I don’t want to be put in the spiral of student debt my high school peers are about to experience” Reardon says to me as he works through a bag of Funyuns. “It’s definitely not worth it longterm.”

While his reasoning behind not going to college is questionable, there is no denying he doesn’t have a plan. Reardon, who is currently living in the basement of his parent’s house, will be pursuing his “money making” career in music.

“I’m becoming a rapper” Reardon says triumphantly. What Reardon doesn’t mention, however, is that he has been struggling to get into the industry.

“It isn’t the face he’s decided to pursue music, it’s the fact he’s chosen rap as his genre of choice” says his former music professor Mr. Blum. Blum, who taught Reardon for all four years of his high school career in musical composition, is worried about Reardon’s decision.

“He simply does not have the experiences to entice an audience. You have to share your negative and positive experiences with passion… And I don’t think he has the experiences to back that up.”

Despite that, Reardon, who goes under the rap name Weedo, is still trying to make a dent into a genre he has listened to since he was in middle school. His latest song “Long Night” is about his experiences partying following his senior prom.

“What I’m doing is better and more bold than my high school peers” Reardon says angrily. “It is better longterm and it doesn’t put me in a spiral of debt like those who did decide to go to college.”

It is unclear what Reardon is doing to support himself while he pursues his passion for music.

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