Soulmates May Exist After-all, According to Science.

Have you ever met someone, and before you knew them for more than a day, you couldn’t help but feel like you’d known this person your entire life? I don’t mean the paralysis that comes from being too needy or clingy. I mean something…deeper.

Everyone from Plato to Hinduism, Buddhism have explained this perceived phenomena as being karma, and the resulting reincarnation of the soul. People that we knew and loved in a past life gravitate towards us and we recognize them, though through a glass darkly.

Irrespective of a particular adherence to any one belief system, there is no shortage of market forces attempting to capitalize on the basic human longing for love and companionship. Never-minding Ashley Madison’s’ dubious morality and dishonest use of so-called ‘Fembots” to impersonate real women, dating apps and related services made 2.4 billion dollars in 2015 alone.

There is nothing wrong with meeting and finding love online. Incredibly reputable Pew Research Center reports that online dating has never been stronger. When these matches are made, sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there. And sometimes there is that incredulous feeling of de ja vu; that sense that you’re connected to someone else in ways that seem almost fundamental and unreal. What causes this?

Science offers a tantalizing clue.

Brought into cult status by the titular television sitcom, the Big Bang Theory purports to explain where all the matter that makes up the known universe comes from. It postulates that there was at some point a small, dense and hot singularity, comprised of all the elementary particles that make up the universe. This singularity experienced rapid cosmic inflation due to pressure and the ensuing gravity, and has been evolving into what we know as reality ever since.

Einstein’s General Relativity and indeed all Newtonian Physics breaks down at this singularity; it is cosmic inflation that establishes the physical universe and the laws that govern it. However, there is another branch of physics, one that explains laws and phenomena that operates outside of classic physics. It operates at the level of a singularity. It is called Quantum Physics, or rules that govern reality at the subatomic level.

All sorts of strange and inexplicable (indeed, contradictory) states are possible at the quantum level. Photons being in more than one place at the same time, objects moving backwards in time, wave probabilities, particle duality, etc. One of the spookiest and best-established tenants of QP, is Quantum Entanglement.

Here’s a cool, easy-to-understand video explaining Quantum Entanglement:

So what does the Big Bang and Entanglement have to do with finding true love? Let’s explore one more scientific principle.

As stated on Wikipedia,

The law of conservation of mass or principle of mass conservation states that for any system closed to all transfers of matter and energy, the mass of the system must remain constant over time, as system mass cannot change quantity if it is not added or removed. Hence, the quantity of mass is “conserved” over time. The law implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, or the entities associated with it may be changed in form.

Remember all those particles, all those atoms with their electrons that existed in the singularity and then inflated during the Big Bang? Those particles were all connected, all entangled as they expanded outward into what became the universe. And since we know that these particles cannot be destroyed but only transferred and transformed, where do you think those same entangled particles are right now as you read this?

That’s right. Those particles make up you and me and everyone else. Our bodies, our brains, our very consciences. It’s less like reincarnation and more like recycling.

The particles that make up our mind and conscience are still connected, still entangled with their perspective particles. This means that we, on a quintessential level, are connected to at least one other person on a subatomic level.

It’s Quantum Romance.

We may be, not as Shakespeare used the term, but literally, star-crossed lovers with another human being on the planet. Perhaps that person is already long dead, or not yet born yet. This idea of Quantum Romance can’t answer all of the technicalities. It is however, an interesting way to think differently about compatibility and destiny.

Dating apps are great and can be fun (except when those dating apps turn dangerous). But you don’t need them. The next time you meet someone, however you meet them, and:

  • You get that strange feeling that you’ve met them before
  • You feel a connection that is inexplicable and irresistible, no matter how briefly you’ve known them
  • You think this person might be your soulmate

….it may not be just all in your head. It may be in the very fabric of your being itself. Be open to the crazy notion that this person may your compatible match, both emotionally and chemically. What have you got to lose?

What do you think? Ever experienced any of this? Join the conversation and tell your story in the comments.

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