“As A Girl…” Campaign for International Day of the Girl

Child Awareness Project (CAP) has launched a social media campaign for International Day of the Girl on October 11

Girls in many parts of the world are denied basic rights such as education, food, healthcare and sometimes the right to live. This stems from the baseless belief in many cultures that women are the inferior sex. Discrimination starts very early – sometimes before the child is even born! We see cases of illegal sex-selective abortion in the Indian Subcontinent. We see that girls are often breastfed for a shorter duration, in order to allow parents to try to conceive a son soon. We see girls being given less food, sold as child brides, and tortured – simply because they are girls.

International Day of the Girl Child was established to create awareness and tackle discrimination, especially in education and health.

Child Awareness Project (CAP) has launched a social media campaign encouraging girls and women to tweet something they’re proud of using the hashtag #AsAGirl. This is intended to create awareness that young girls (and those who’ve grown up to be successful women) should not have their aspirations curtailed and must not be discriminated against. The campaign also hopes to point out that girls can do anything and are not inferior in any way. With this, CAP aims to encourage young girls to never give up on their dreams.

Do take part in this campaign. Tweets will be retweeted by CAP’s official Twitter handle.

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