Behind The Scenes at Our ‘48-Hour Film Project’ Experience

Remember the kids in school who loved group projects? Ever wonder what they’re doing today? Chances are good they are the brains behind the 48-Hour Film Project — an endeavor that seeks to pressure-cook an already pressure-intensive creative pursuit.

Against all forms of better judgement, a good-sized team from our agency jumped in and learned how to play nicely for a weekend that amounted to your Junior High Lock-In with a major assignment due at the end.

Teams were all given:

  1. A line of dialogue (ours was, perhaps ironically, “It can’t be that difficult.”)
  2. A prop (ours was a cassette tape)
  3. A character & profession (Iris Burrmon, Treasurer)
  4. A genre (Superhero… A genre rife with by-day treasurers, accountants and HR benefit coordinators)

Our team then had, as the name suggests, 48 hours to script, shoot, edit and breathe magical life into a film.

The outcome? A 6-minute juggernaut called “Taking Time,” for which the team won the “Audience Award” at Chicago’s 48-Hour Film Festival.

About the experience, our team said:

“It turns out sleeping over in the office isn’t really that fun. I don’t recommend doing it.”
“Did you know the building shuts off the A/C on the weekends? We didn’t. Now we do. It was the middle of August, by the way.”
“Bijoy ate my yogurt.”
“Chris [the director] seemed really cool at first. Then he had a few beers and started referring to the film as his ‘baby.’ It wasn’t exactly like being on the set of Apocalypse Now, but it wasn’t that far off, either.”

The important thing is that we learned who should sit near each other in the office and who needs to be separated. And that’s all that matters.

On the set of 48-Hour Film Project Audience Award Winner ‘Taking Time.’


Cast: Kelly Dunham, Logan Janis, Gavin Frye, Megan Hardie, Natalie Hedrick, Syed Ahmed, Bijoy Samuel, Tony Valdivieso, Alex Moorman, Mike Pearson, Scott Bednar, Jennifer Eubanks, Joe Kowalczyk

Director: Chris Magura

Writers: Chris Magura, Amanda Clower, Joe Kowalczyk, Kelly Dunham, Jennifer Eubanks, Logan Janis, Megan Hardie, Mike Pearson, Syed Ahmed, Alex Moorman, Gavin Frye, Tony Valdivieso, Corey Jarosak, Scott Bednar, Alex Maldonado, Bijoy Samuel

Editing: Chris Magura, Scott Bednar, Mike Pearson

Special Effects: Scott Bednar

Audio Engineer: Tony Valdivieso

Catering: Doritos, Tostitos, Cheez-Its, Mountain Dew, Folger’s

Special Thanks To: Assorted Body Sprays and Stank-Masking Products, Xanax, Caffeine, Google Search for “How to make a movie,” Wikipedia

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