A Donut — Sacred Food of the Church of Circularity

It’s not only delicious but also highly symbolic

The sacred food, a sort of Eucharist of the Church of Circularity (COC), is a donut. There are two types of donuts — American donut with a hole in the middle and Slovenian donut with no hole, but filled with a generous dose of delicious apricot marmalade instead.

They are both sacred for the following reasons:

American Donut

American donut (Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash)

Since they are circular, the shape of both types of donuts is, of course, of special significance to the Church of Circularity. American donut with a hole in middle, however, also represents the wheel.

The wheel is not only a symbol of circularity based on which our whole universe revolves and exists, it’s also a symbol of progress. In the case of the COC followers, of course, this stands for spiritual progress.

Slovenian donut

Slovenian donut (Photo: Maribor24.si)

The sweetness and deliciousness of the donut’s marmalade filling in Slovenian donut stand for great but hidden rewards that come with spiritual development on our way to the state of enlightenment (and beyond).

This, however, is hidden inside the donut and, unlike with the American donut where the benefits of using the wheel are obvious from the outside, one only discovers the true reward of spirituality after one takes a few deep bites.

There is more to it… a lot more

What I’m going to tell you next used to be reserved for the initiates of the highest degree in the old days. Since times have changed and the time for the light to be revealed has come again, I’m going to share this secret with you — as usually, bluntly.

Fair warning: If you are a puritan and of extremely conservative views, you might experience a negative reaction to this. Consider yourself warned.

So here is the secret:

The shape of the American donuts also represents Yoni, better known as a female sexual organ. And the shape of the Slovenian donut represents a womb after it’s been filled with seed. This is the closest one can get to our Creator. This is the origin of life and the greatest mystery of them all.

There, I spilled the beans…

Now eat your donuts with care and in a proper state of mind.