Ilexa Yardley
Nov 22, 2019 · 3 min read

The ‘conservation’ of a circle. How it works. Why you need to know about it.

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You can’t put ‘conservation’ of a circle into ‘numbers.’ Or, ‘words.’ Though, if you could, ‘11–22' would be an ‘excellent’ example.



Meaning, you cannot tell the ‘difference’ between ‘11’ and ‘22.’ From a ‘circle’s’ point of view. Because a ‘circle’ only ‘knows about’ a ‘one,’ and, therefore, ‘then,’ a ‘two.’ Where ‘one’ and ‘two’ articulate the exact same ‘reality.’



This is because, and we all know this, in one way or another, ‘pi’ controls, what a human labels, reality. Also known as ‘mathematics.’ Or, technology in general. Zero and one as one and two.

Zero and one. One and two.


This explains the ‘binary system.’ A ‘binary choice.’ The ‘decimal system.’ And, therefore, technology, and, finance. And, also, if you want to ‘go there,’ biology (chemistry), in general.

Binary system.

Pi (Diameter, Circumference)

Why do you need to know this? It means that Nature doesn’t know a thing about human ‘numbering’ systems. Or, for that matter, any ‘symbolic system’ that a human ‘generates.’ (Narratives, in general.)

This is because a symbol is always created using some kind of line. And the line is always diameter (and circumference) of an ‘always-conserved’ circle.

Explaining why, no matter how you ‘shake’ (or slice) the ‘dice,’ 50–50 is the constant. And the norm.

50–50 (Background State)

How it Works

So, the constant is a variable. And, always, vice versa. Meaning X and Y is X and X (and, therefore, X and X’). Explaining both ‘identity’ and ‘complementarity.’

Complementary identity.

Exposing the ‘true’ nature of Nature. And the reason we, as humans, encounter ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ Right and wrong. True and false. Yes and no. Here and there. Then and now.

Life and Death (Real and Imaginary)

So, that, while we’re living, at least, we can ‘negotiate’ the ‘Nature’ behind ‘reality.’

Life and Death (Real and Imaginary)

Where, again, and, you, already, ‘know’ this, there is no such thing as ‘reality,’ really.

So, there it is. We’ll leave it there. For now.

Conservation of the circle is, obviously, the only ‘rational’ explanation for, ‘what a human labels,’ ‘reality.’

Invest in the circular theory… Click on the links for a ‘deeper’ understanding of, and a way to negotiate, (your) reality.

The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

Ilexa Yardley

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Author, The Circular Theory

The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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