A Circle Can Only Circle (And Only A Circle Can Circle)

Explaining behavior in all systems. Technology. Biology. Physics.

Photo by Brian McMahon on Unsplash

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. Meaning a circle can only circle. And, only a circle can circle.

Zero and One (Circumference and Diameter)

This is the reason, and, thus, the, the basis, for, reality (and Nature, then, in general).

Meaning the number ‘two’ is equal to (and, also, then, not equal to) the number ‘one.’ No matter how you slice the dice.

One and One
Two and Two

Explaining why everything changes, even though, nothing changes. Why it all boils down to 50–50 as the constant. And, the norm.

Explaining anxiety, frustration, depression, and anger. Also, peace, privacy, autonomy, and, contentment (joy in general).

Take your pick. It’s always, and, only, up to you. How you experience ‘reality’ (how, and why, you experience Nature in general).

Conservation of the Circle

Conservation of a circle is the core, and only, dynamic in Nature. Explaining everything (identity, complementarity, duplication, unification, unitization, negation). (Pi is the only observer.)


The way forward…



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