A New ‘Form’ of Government

How it would have to happen. Forget ‘revolution.’

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We’ve been programmed, as humans, to think of ‘revolution’ as the way to a ‘new’ (or better) (or different) ‘form’ of government. This is unfortunate. But ‘real.’


You see it, every day, with a ‘revolution’ somewhere, about something, where humans are (or a human is) complaining about something they (or he, or she) don’t (or doesn’t) like.

This starts at a very young age. The baby ‘cries’ to effect a ‘change.’ The change happens (or-not)


In physics we have additional ‘words’ to articulate this dynamic. Rotation. And, radiation. Electricity. And, magnetism. All of these articulate a change, or a movement from X to Y.

X to Y


Since people don’t, in general, or ‘normally,’ like continual ‘revolutions’ in their daily lives, they construct ‘governments’ with ‘laws.’ Defining, and maintaining, ‘acceptable’ behaviors, and ways of acting.

To get agreement, often, they need a ‘revolution’ of some kind, to invoke ‘fear.’

A ‘revolution’ could mean ‘a structuring of information in a way as to effect change.’ So if you are engaging with ‘information’ that conveys ‘fear,’ or encourages ‘fear,’ of the ‘opposition,’ you have no choice but to ‘believe it’ on some level. Your ‘survival depends on it…’

Fear gets us to a lot of ‘things.’ Good. And bad. As we all know.

But ‘fear’ in Nature is essential. Because it allows us to ‘survive.’ Where ‘survival’ and ‘reproduction’ are the two main motivators for humans.

Survival and Reproduction


Humans will accept and adapt to ‘things’ that seem to help them survive, even if those ‘things’ are dangerous. Many examples. Which we needn’t articulate (here).

Purveyors of new ‘things’ to help survive are ‘all over the place’ and these ‘purveyors’ will emphasize the ‘benefits’ and ‘leave out’ the dangers. This happens everywhere and anywhere. At any time, and-or place.

This is why ‘education’ is a necessity in a ‘modern’ society. We have to ‘program’ our ‘members’ in order to continue whatever institution we need (or want) to continue. ‘Members’ need to know what’s ‘safe’ and what’s not.

Safety and Danger
Life and Death


So, education is based on a simple word. ‘Or.’

That is ‘life’ or ‘death’ depending on what you ‘learn.’

This is what ‘or’ looks like to Nature.

X or Y

However, we have defined something improperly, and it causes us to assume many things that simply are not ‘true.’ That is, you need ‘and’ in order to have ‘or.’ So, ‘or’ means ‘and’ without your ‘knowing’ about it, for sure.

X and Y

Careful Introspection

So, now we have to slow down, and become much more serious, and introspective.

The conservation of a circle controls reality. And, more important, Nature. Therefore, it defines a ‘self.’

Conservation of a Circle

That is, you need X in order to have X (you cannot have X and Y without X and X).

X and X
X and Y

This explains both X and Y.



This is not a test. It is, also, not an exercise in ‘patience.’ It is not an ‘educational’ exercise. It is ‘reality.’ Whether you take the time to understand it or not.

It explains why we need, globally, and locally, a new ‘form’ of government. It predicts, also, when we will ‘form’ this government.

When just half of the people, globally (only one person), understand(s) it.


It explains the relationship between an individual and a group. At any scale. And in any ‘discipline.’

Individual and Group

Discussion and Debate

And, it needs to be discussed, and embraced, ‘now,’ by people everywhere who consider themselves ‘thought leaders.’ This involves, and includes, everyone, and any ‘one.’

Every ‘One’
Any ‘One’

Conservation of the circle is the only dynamic in Nature. Exposing the only ‘true’ form of ‘government.’ The relationship between a ‘human’ and a ‘self.’

Why it needs to be included, now, in the curriculum of every professor, in every course, in every ‘discipline,’ at every ‘institution.’ Where all of these articulate the circular relationship between an individual and a group.

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Listen while you ‘think’…



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