Abstract Realism

What is a thought? And, what is intuition?

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Everything we do to negotiate, and navigate, ‘reality,’ requires an abstraction. Which is the explanation (and the proof) for ‘abstract realism.’ Also known as ‘abstract intelligence’ (mind in general).


That is, we all depend on X and Y (the circular relationship between X and Y), also known as ‘zero’ and ‘one.’ (Abstraction as a noun and-or verb.)

That is, there is a mandatory circular relationship between the ‘abstract’ and the ‘concrete.’

So, ‘abstractions’ always involve the conservation of a circle. Which is where we get the whole idea called ‘mind’ (and ‘intuition’) (more correctly articulated, and observed, then, as ‘pi’). Which, explains the entire enterprise called ‘mathematics’ (physics, philosophy, psychology) (thought and intuition in general).

Realistic Abstraction (Thought in General)
Conservation of a Circle (Zero and-or One)(Circumference and Diameter) (Pi)


This is because the conservation of a circle explains complementary identity.

It is not possible to have a circumference without a diameter (a zero without a one). Even though, from pi’s point of view, circumference and diameter (zero and one) are, necessarily, the same (explaining why complementary identity ‘zeroes’ everything out).

Abstract reality means we are, all of us, living, in one sense (in a very ‘real’ sense) an artificial reality. This is true because ‘pi’ is the correct name for abstraction in general (any noun and-or verb) (the abstraction for abstraction).

Complementary Identity (Abstraction in General)

Abstract Reality

It, also, explains why we live in an ‘expectations-based-reality’ (expectations-based-economy). And, also, why we end up actualizing whatever is ‘in our mind.’ Our abstractions cannot ‘not’ become ‘real’ (abstractions are always real) (as are expectations)(because an uber-simple circle has control).


Explaining why we cannot rely on ‘observation’ to tell us what we need to know. We have to rely on the conservation of a circle to tell us what we need to know. Explaining how intuition informs our thinking (and, always, vice versa) (no matter what we ‘think,’ no matter what we ‘do’ or ‘say,’ ‘pi’ has us covered).

Knowledge (Pi) (Mind)

Realistic Abstraction

Conservation of the circle is the core, and, therefore, the only dynamic in Nature. Explaining abstractions. Thought in general. Intuition in general. Reality in general.




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