All Nodes on Any Matrix: The Same

Differentiation shares a circle with integration.

Nodal network. (Photo by Ronald Yang)

A node is a circle, because an intersection, is, a, circle. Any X and Y define, and, thus, conserve, a circle. Therefore, any node, on any matrix, is the same, as, any other node, on any other matrix (the nature of nature). (Differentiation shares a circle with integration.)

A technologist can see this. Others, not-so-much. You have to work with virtual reality (abstract reality) before you can understand reality (as a human experiences it).

Once you realize a node is a network (any object is a subject) (reality is asynchronous I/O) you have figured everything out. Left to you, then. What you want to do with it. What you want to do about it. (It is you.)

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.