The basis for science.

All of science is based on the circular and linear relationship of circumference and diameter. Because you cannot have one without the other. Either without both (both without either).


This explains why you cannot do science (have science) without anthropomorphism.

The interchangeability between symbolic representations in mathematics and physics (all of science), going back to interchangeable representations in philosophy (and, thus, psychology) (ancient astrology in all cultures), is bound by the anthropomorphism of an uber-basic circle. Thus, complementarity (complementary identity) (similarity in general) is a symbolic representation (anthropomorphism) of anthropomorphism.

That is…


Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Overriding all of the ideas (responsible for all of the ideas) in ‘modern’ science. Where zero and one (modern) is the anthropomorphic representation of yin and yang (ancient).

Because both zero and one and yin and yang are the anthropomorphic representation(s) of circumference and diameter.

Thus, in basic algebra, and, also, basic arithmetic, the notion of ‘sequence’ and ‘the equal sign’ (signs in general) (symbols in general) requires anthropomorphism (an uber-simple circle).


Solving the observation (and, thus, the measurement) ‘problem.’ Proving everything is an anthropomorphism of (proxy for) everything else.

No getting around this.

Conservation of the Circle (anthropomorphism) explains (is necessary for) (is the motivation for) both science and mathematics. Representation (similarity) (complementarity) in general. Making modern mathematics (modern science) (the language called ‘mathematics’) supra-fluous (anthropomorphic).



Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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