Anthropomorphism: Essential for Science

0 and 1 = F and M. No getting around this.

Zero (One) ( Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash )

It is impossible to have science (mathematics) (technology in general) without the zero and the one (also known as female and male).

Female and Male

This is because the zero and the one are, more technically, circumference and diameter.

Circumference and Diameter

Exposing ancient thought (yin and yang) and how it integrates, its ‘self’, with modern thought (zero and one).

Yin and Yang

That is, zero and one (ancient) is yin and yang (modern) and, always, vice versa (any combination) (including yin and yin) (yang and yang) etc.

Zero and One

This is because zero and one (circumference and diameter) are the basis for linear movement (sequence in general).

Zero to One

Explaining everything we know, and everything we ‘want to know,’ about everything.

One to Zero (Everything to Nothing)

Meaning, it is impossible to have the zero without the one (the female without the male). They share a linear (and, thus, a circular) relationship.

Linear and Circular (One is Zero) (Zero is One)

Conservation of the Circle (zero and one) (circumference and diameter) explains (what humans call) ‘reality.’ (Nature in general.) Nature’s constitutents, to be specific (the circular relationship between Nature and its constituents). Proving the base requriement for science is anthropo-morphism (movement from X to Y) (combination of X and Y) (separation of X and Y) (F and M)(in any system) (all systems).

The (Real) Theory of Everything, Yardley, Ilexa —



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