Avoiding the Obvious, On Purpose

Zero and one is X and Y. So, what?

We can decide to see life as an avoidance mechanism. Moving from X to Y we create a line, diameter, and circumference, of a circle. Therefore, from the circle’s point of view, movement gets us ‘no’ where.

That is, we survive to reproduce, and, therefore, we must, on some level, reproduce to survive. This can never end. Any X and Y is zero and one (circumference and diameter).

We are not, in any way, required to reproduce another human in order to satisfy our need to reproduce. Explaining the symbolic reason why we all want to ‘do something worthwhile’ with our lives. Explaining why it’s up to us to produce our own ‘narrative’ (for everything).

Explaining, also, why nature forces us to avoid (knowing, interpreting, avoiding) the obvious. Explaining, also, why the interest in existentialism. Stoicism. Pantheism. Phenomenology. Ontology. Technology.

Life looks like this:

Zero and one is circumference and diameter (any X and-or Y).

You can interpret this anyway you wish. By interpreting it, for yourself, and, others, you have met your existential requirement to ‘reproduce.’ That is, any symbolic interpretation is based on (requires) a symbolic interpretation. This explains why, and, also, how, people write stories, books, scientific papers, etc.

It also explains music composition, and, also, performance, and, also, performance interpretation (there are many ways to perform a Beethoven Sonata, a Bill Evans jazz composition, a Kim Kardashian make-up routine, a Picasso painting, an Einsteinian rendition of reality). This is because all of these are symbolic representations of reality. A circular reality, to be precise.

The diagram above explains multiplicity, fungibility, redundancy, in nature, and otherwise (all around us). Man’s search for meaning. Man’s trying to overcome (or, just, understand) his (or her) own death.

Human sexuality (and reproduction), plant and animal procreation, any type of cyclic phenomenon (water, weather, waves) (radiation, rotation, revolution), is, also, nothing more, or less, than, a symbolic representation of (a circular) reality. Any narrative, mystery, poetic expression, also, just, the same. Any physical, philosophical, psychological journey.

The obvious is obvious (and, also, not-all-that-obvious). The line between you and me, at the moment, a digital line, a real line, is both diameter, and circumference of a circle. Explaining why you have to use the diagram above to understand what’s going on in any reality (circular or linear). How, and, why, you must, on some level, avoid ‘knowing’ about reality.

This means, underneath it all, despite ourselves, we ALL know what’s going on. Giving us a basis, and a reason, for expressing ourselves (allowing us to interpret what is happening around us). At the end, and the beginning, of any day, it is all based on a circle (a line and a circle to be precise), meaning 50–50 is the constant, and 50–50 the norm. (Two, as you already know, is the ‘magic’ number, the only number, the core assumption, in nature.)

So, the genius side of you will understand this right away. Explaining why boredom is the real enemy. And, also, the real motivation behind any of us doing anything at all with our lives.

In ancient times zero and one was coded yin and yang. We all know this. Now, we also know, zero and one is circumference and diameter (of the earth, sun, moon), explaining universes and the circular relationship between mind and matter (abstract and concrete). It all goes back to the interpretation of the diagram above.

So, while half of the human universe is caught up in Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, you can, if you want to be ahead of (and-or, behind) everyone, interpret these to understand the reality behind reality (finance and economics, like technology and biology, depend on the circular relationship, and, reality, of zero and one).

Meaning, no matter how you ‘code’ it, you cannot get away from, or destroy, or overcome, outsmart, under, or over, think, the zero and the one.

A circle can only circle. And only a circle can circle. So, all of us are going round and round in circles. Nothing new here. Not at all. What we choose to do about it, though, is, totally, up, to, us.

So, ignore what anyone tells you, and interpret reality for yourself. As you are ‘already’ doing. And, will continue (always) to do.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. I didn’t have to tell you this. I am just reminding you to think about it. Some.




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