Becoming ‘Realistic’ about Observation

An observation is, necessarily, an observer. Because ‘pi’ controls reality.

(Observation) Photo by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

It’s impossible to have an observation without an observer. And, always, vice versa. Explaining ‘vice versa’ and ‘etcetera.’ On purpose.

Observer and Observation
Observation (Noun, Verb)

Pi is the Only Observer

This is because ‘pi’ (in mathematics) is the only observer.


Meaning, when you (or ‘I’) make an observation, we are playing the role of (technically we are) ‘pi.’ Which is another word for, what a human labels, ‘mind.’ (Which is, necessarily, then, the same as ‘matter.’)

Mind (and Matter)

Therefore, any observation is, maximum-minimum, half-the-time ‘true.’ Because ‘true’ and ‘false’ share a mandatory circle. Like any X and Y.

True and False (Any X and Y)

Two is the Only Number

‘Pi’ proves that (and explains why) ‘two’ (not-one) is the most basic number. Allowing for binary and decimal ‘decisions.’ (Systems.) (Disciplines in general.) (Negation in general.)

Not One

‘Pi’, also, explains ambiguity in general. Also known, in Nature, as the ‘lie’ (camouflage for protection).

The ‘Lie’ (Nature in General)

Explaining defense mechanisms and escape mechanisms (in psychology) (paradoxes in philosophy and physics).

Defensive Escape
Paradox in General

Conservation of the Circle is the Only Dynamic

Meaning, no matter whether you are the observer or the observation, you cannot escape the conservation of a circle (everything is 50–50).


Meaning, observation gives us half-the-picture. Which is why we use our intuition to overcome (and deal with) reality (Nature in general).

Intuitive Intelligence

Intuition always reminds us to consider the ‘opposite’ point of view. And, to, always, point out the opposite point of view (explaining conflict, confrontation, and continual anger (eventual acceptance)(detachment in general)).

Complementary Opposition

We is the Only ‘I’

Again, this is because, underneath it all, pi is the only observer. Making observation possible. And, probable.

Where we all get it right, exactly, half-the-time.

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.



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