Changing Your Persona Using Virtual Intelligence

We always start at square one. No physical connotation. No time. No space.

Conservation of a circle (also known as square one).

We are living in a virtual reality called ‘square one.’ Meaning, there is a circular relationship between a square, and the number ‘one.’ This gives us ‘square one,’ as a virtual persona. A persona with no physical, or, virtual, time, or, location.

A virtual persona is simple. It’s what you are, at the moment, online, and-or, off. Meaning, you are constantly changing your persona. Real time. No getting around this (impossible to tell, and-or know, who you are, moment-to-moment). Technology has completely removed the need for a physical component.

This is impossible to change, because underneath everything, there is a hidden circle, in charge of, the virtual persona. Explaining where we get the basic ‘zero’ and ‘one.’ How nature created, and interacts with, you. As a zero. And-or, a one.

Change does not change anything, because, underneath change, there is no change. Explaining, why things are constantly changing.

If zero, then, one. Meaning, if one, then, zero. This is the definition of ‘square one.’ (Constant circular change.) If everything is changing, and nothing is changing, what does this tell us?

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.