Circular Thinking

Essential in order to understand ‘reality’ (Nature in general)…

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We are taught, all of us, that circular thinking, and, circular reasoning, is illogical (and not allowed).

However, this is, itself, illogical.

Universal Circularity

This is because there is a circle between logical and illogical, meaning you need both in order to have either. So, technically, they cancel each other out.

Logical and Illogical

This is because there is, also, a mandatory ‘circle’ between ‘true’ and ‘false.’ Again, meaning, you need both to have either. Because, technically, any X and Y, is, always, first, and foremost, zero and one (circumference and diameter).

Circumference and Diameter

Explaining the difference and the similarity between the ‘numbers’ ‘one’ and ‘two.’

One and Two

Proving, technically, there is no difference between the words ‘and’ and-or ‘or.’


X and X

This explains the relationship between electricity and magnetism (light and sound).


Why light travels in a ‘line’ (light is a line) and sound travels in a ‘circle’ (sound is a circle). Where, again, you need both in order to have either (electromagnetism) (waves in general).


Proving, no matter the dynamic, the behavior, the ‘name,’ of the dynamic or behavior, whether it is a noun or a verb (any idea that can be expressed in language) we are continually dependent on the circular relationship between X and X.

X and X

Complementary Identity

Explaining symbols and symbolism in general.

X and Y

Where complementarity is another word for identity (language) in any discipline.

X and X’

Exposing the core dynamic in Nature as the conservation of an uber-simple, always-present, circle (the circular linear relationship between X and Y).

Meaning, it is impossible to experience ‘reality’ or ‘Nature’ without circular reasoning (circular thinking) (the circle in general).

Circular Thinking

Proving, the ‘next’ and ‘last’ generation in (the most advanced thought about) ‘thinking’ is, definitely, circular. (It is impossible to have linear thought without circular thought.) Therefore, technically, circular thinking is the only thinking that matters.

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