Going ‘deep’ in order to understand ‘reality.’

Complementarity (Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

You cannot have an X without an ‘other’ X. Technically, one, and only one, other ‘X.’ Meaning, ‘two’ is the correct explanation for (any, every) one.

X and X’


This explains complementarity. Which explains ‘reality.’ In a very deep way. If you want to ‘go there…’ (It’s all about the diagram.)


Meaning, a human’s ‘universe’ is virtual. At all times. In all places. Because the human is interacting with, and as, a circle. Which is, technically, a ‘virtual’ event. (The circular relationship between ‘virtual’ and ‘real.’) (Again, it’s all about the diagram.)

Circumference and Diameter

Meaning, you cannot have a ‘virtual’ existence without a ‘real’ existence because there is, technically, no such thing as ‘virtual’ or ‘real.’ Except for the circular relationship between virtual and real (technically, pi, in general) (a circle).

Virtual and Real

Technology (Information in General)

This explains technology. Where the ‘zero’ and the ‘one’ are, more correctly, ‘circumference and diameter.’ (If zero, then one, because if circumference, then diameter.) (The explanation for ‘if… then…’)

Zero and One

So, now we’re forced to ‘realize’ you cannot have ‘zero and one’ without ‘zero or one.’


This means, technically, there is no such thing as complementarity. Or identity. And-Or, paradoxically, it explains both complementarity and identity (the virtual persona).

X and Y (X or Y) (The Virtual Persona)

The Constant Norm

Where, from a human’s point of view, 50–50 (or 50–50–50, if you so desire) is the constant and the norm. Where any string of characters reduces and expands to (50–50) a zero and a one.

50–50 (50–50–50)

But, actually, the whole idea of 50–50 is dependent on 100–1 (99–1) (or 100–0) if you decide you want to ‘go there…’


So, technically, you can say whatever you want about anything (any dichotomy) because the word ‘complementarity’ is, actually, an ‘other’ word for ‘identity.’ Meaning, everything is half-true.

Complementary Identity (True and False)

Duplicity (Duality) (Redundancy)

Meaning, you cannot have a ‘one’ without a ‘two.’ Which is the basis for number systems. Linguistic systems. Information systems, in general.

One and One
One and Two

This explains why, and how, an asset is a liability (and, always, vice versa). The concept of ‘vice versa’ in general (circularity in general).

Asset and Liability

And it removes (solves)the whole idea of ‘paradox.’ Confusion, in general. (Chaos in general.)

Paradox (Chaos)

Negation (Duplication) (Observation)

Where you cannot have X without X. However, you need to have X without X. In order to have ‘X.’

X. Not-X.

This explains negation. Duplication. And, most important, observation.

And, that is all there is to, what a human labels, ‘reality.’ (It’s all about the diagram.)

Natural Reality

This takes all of us to a new, and more realistic, understanding of what we all experience as ‘reality.’ (Meaning, technically, as you already know, there is no such thing as ‘reality.’) (Just your own ‘interpretation’ of whatever you are observing (hearing, seeing, sensing)).

Explaining, and overcoming, confrontation (conflict and opposition (disagreement and agreement) in general). (Life and death in general).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature. What a human calls ‘reality.’ (Meaning, pi controls, and explains, everything.)



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