Where it comes from. How to deal with it.

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Nature is, obviously, complex. From a human’s point of view.

From Nature’s point of view, there is, obviously, no such concept as: complexity.

Lets think about this. Deeply.

X and Y

There is a forced circular relationship between any X and Y. You and me, for one example. You and anything that is not-you, for another.

It looks like this, if we diagram it:

X and Y

What you notice here is X and Y, which is, more technically, zero and one (0 and 1), which is, most technically, the circumference and diameter of an always-conserved (always present) (uber-simple) circle.

Circumference and Diameter

Cycles and Circles

This explains why everything in Nature revolves around a ‘cycle’ of one kind or another. This includes, especially, from a physics point of view, rotation, revolution, and radiation.

Rotation, Revolution, Radiation

You can notice, now, that I am using one diagram, to describe many different points of view (words to describe a circular relationship, or a cycle).


A cycle involves the numbers ‘one’ and ‘two.’


Both for Either

Where you have to have both in order to have either. Meaning the diagram describes everything in Nature.


A human inter-reacts with Nature (is a part of Nature) using symbolic abstractions for all of the constituents in Nature. We call these symbolic abstractions ‘numbers’ and-or ‘words’ (and-or pictures, or images) (symbols in general).


Which means all of the symbols we use to describe, articulate, or inter-react with Nature, are, also, cycles, circles, composed of, most basically, lines.

Line and Circle

This is because you cannot have a line without a circle, and, always, vice versa.

A line is a diameter. A circle is a circumference. Giving us, for one example, male and female.

Meaning, from Nature’s point of view, a male and female form an uber-basic (always-present) circle.

Male and Female
Male or Female
Line and (or) Circle

The Diagram

Now, using the diagram, and the metaphor for ‘Nature’ called ‘male,’ and-or ‘female,’ we can understand, better, how complexity develops.


Complexity develops because the symbols we use to describe the constituents in Nature (all of the things we ‘observe’ in Nature) can only be described (are correctly articulated) by the diagram.

This means you can put any word or number underneath the diagram if you want to understand the word or number. Complexity, as one example.



If I use the word redundancy this may become clearer. Where ‘redundancy’ means everything in Nature, no matter how, where, or why, it is observed, resolves to an uber-simple circle (the diagram below).


It, also, means that Nature cannot describe itself. Except through its constituents. Since we are a constituent of Nature, we can describe Nature (Nature is describing itself through us) by using the diagram.


This explains complexity. Meaning, from a circle’s point of view, the accurate (mathematical) term (or name) for ‘self’ is ‘pi.’

Pi (Your Mind)

Pi is the correct word for, what a human labels, ‘mind.’ Mind is an abstraction that functions only with abstractions. Explaining words and numbers. Symbols in general (art and music, for example) (science and math, for example).

Sex, in general. For an obvious example


Any verb:


Any noun:


All of these are ‘abstractions’ including the diagram which is a concrete abstraction for Nature (and all of the constituents in Nature).

Concrete Abstraction

This is because the constituents of Nature are individuals in a mandatory circular relationship called a ‘group.’

Individual (Group)

The Metaphor: Conservation of a Circle

This explains why metaphors work. Why, technically, there is no such thing as ‘complexity.’ Why all of the words and numbers we use to inter-react with Nature revolve around (are more correctly articulated by) an uber-simple circle.

Meaning, all the words and numbers we use to describe (and inter-react with) Nature are the same (describing the exact same dynamic) (the diagram) (they all conserve a circle).

Conservation of the Circle

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and,therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Explaining, what a human labels, ‘complexity.’ From Nature’s point of view (from a circle’s point of view)(from the diagram’s point of view) (and this is how you deal with complexity) there is no such thing as ‘complexity.’

The (Real) Theory of Everything, Yardley, Ilexa —



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