Conservation of a Circle

The core dynamic in Nature…

Conservation of a circle. (Photo by THomas Millot)

Everybody knows an uber-simple circle controls (what humans call) ‘reality.’ That is, yin and yang is (any, every) X and Y. It looks like this:

Yin and yang.
X and Y.

This means ‘pi’ controls ‘reality.’ Where ‘pi’ in mathematics is an ‘other’ word for ‘yin and-or yang’ (any X and-or Y). Explaining why humans depend on the ‘abstraction’ in order to interact with, and, eventually, ‘control’ ‘reality.’

Pi. (Abstraction)

This explains why mathematics and technology depend on ‘zero’ and ‘one.’ Also known as ‘one’ and ‘two.’ Three and-or four (any combination of ‘numbers’).

Zero and (or) One (One and-or Two)

This, also, explains how (and why) technology ‘works.’ Zero and one is circumference and diameter, literally, and, also, figuratively. Again, notice, everything is buffered by an ‘underlying’ (overriding) ‘pair.’

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter.

Explaining repetition, and, also, sequence. X and X. X and X’. Complementarity and identity.

X and Y, X and X, X and X’

Meaning, Nature automatically translates any human ‘abstraction’ into the ‘diagram’ above (and, also, then, below.)

Above and below.

This makes us ‘realize’ we have ‘reality’ at our (complete) disposal. Because it is an abstraction, and we are, also, an ‘abstraction.’ Despite what we learn about ‘physical’ reality. We wouldn’t ‘know’ ‘reality’ without ‘abstraction’ (noun and-or verb).

Abstract and concrete.

Meaning, abstract and concrete (ideal and real) share, like any X and-or Y, an uber-simple (always conserved) ‘circle.’ Explaining the word ‘idea.’

Where the word ‘circle,’ then, can also mean ‘line.’ Because you cannot have a diameter without a circumference. (You cannot have a circle without a line.)

Circumference and diameter. Circle and line.

Meaning, you cannot progress from X to Y without invoking the conservation of a circle. Again, any thing that moves in a line is buffered by a circle.

X to Y. Y to X.

This explains, for all of ‘us,’ the methodology behind technology. If X, then Y, meaning if Y, then X. Because if circumference then diameter, because if diameter then circumference. And, yes, this is, necessarily, circular (and linear at the same ‘time’). Explaining why a ‘contradiction’ (hypocrisy) is involved in everything.

If X, then Y (if Y, then X).
If circumference (diameter) then diameter (circumference).



Again, the diagram articulates what is happening beneath (and beyond) ‘reality.’ Abstract. And, concrete. (Abstract. Or, concrete.)

Beneath and beyond.

It, also, explains human relationships. Quite easily. You cannot have yin without yang (and vice versa) meaning everyone is half-yin, half-yang, necessarily. Proven, again, by the conservation (necessity) of a ‘circle.’ Explaining (and controlling) (the need for) ‘sex.’

Half-yin. Half-yang. *Sex*

Where, if you think about it carefully, everything is ‘always’ in balance. Because a circle can only ‘circle.’ Providing the basis for a noun, and a verb. Any (every) language.

Circle (noun, verb).

Meaning, you can (and do) use ‘language’ to define your own reality. And, you do this with every sentence that you speak (write, read, hear). Where language, like any abstraction, again, is the conservation of an uber-simple circle. Explaining coding, and decoding. (Languages (required for and) in technology.)

Code. Decode.

This means (and, explains why) everything changes. Even though nothing is changing. No matter what ‘we’ do.

Everything changes. Nothing changes.

Explaining how (and why) we can correct our mistakes.

Mistake. Not a mistake.

Since we realize, all of us, 50–50 is the ‘constant’ and the ‘norm.’


Where the number two (not-one) is the underlying basis for everything. Mathematics, technology, and biology. Chemistry and physics. Geology and archaeology. History in any system (in general). Language in any discipline. Movement, literal and-or figurative.

Two (not-one).

And, so, once you’ve read this article, you’ve naturally engaged yourself with the basis for reality, and the core dynamic in Nature.

You. Reality. Nature.

Where the conservation of a circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature (and the ‘reason’ for ‘reality’ (human and-or other)). Explaining, if you take the time to think about it, everything about everything.

Conservation of the circle.

Conservation of the circle is (easily observed) the core dynamic in Nature.