Conservation of the Circle: Core Dynamic in Nature

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. Biology, and technology, in general.


Rotation, revolution, and, radiation, involve the conservation of a circle. Any zero and one is, necessarily, circumference and diameter. We can prove this, easily, because zero and one (abstract) is zero and one (concrete) (circumference and diameter).

It looks like this:

Zero and one is circumference and diameter.

Notice, I did not label the diagram. On purpose.

If I tell you X and Y are zero and one, by simple substitution, by correspondence, and, substitution, actually, you will understand what I am saying. To be truthful, half of you (us), will understand, and agree, and, the other half, not, so, much.

But, for the purposes of this discussion I am going to ask you to observe X and Y (above) is zero and one. (Proving pi has control of you as observer.) (Proving a circle is, naturally, conserved, with every observation.)

Observer. Observation.

What you see, above, is several circles. Connected, X and Y (zero and one) (circumference and diameter). If you notice, closely, any part of the diagram, articulates the entire diagram (and vice versa). What you really have, in this diagram, is two circles. Connected into one. Or, if you like, separated into one.

You will reject the idea at this point, normally, because what I am saying is not clear. I will point out, if X and Y are zero and one, then clarity and the absence of clarity are, clearly, articulated in the diagram (zero and one) (literally and figuratively).

In fact, any X and Y articulate this diagram, and, vice versa. Because there is a forced circular relationship between any X and-or Y.

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter.

This means you need ‘and’ for ‘or,’ and vice versa. It also means you need duplication for negation, and, vice versa. Circle as a noun, and circle as a verb. Duplicity as the basis for unity (unification, unitization).

And, for physicists, who are used to ambiguity, this describes, and, also, clears up, the problems we are having integrating gravity and relativity.

If you look at the top two diagrams within the diagram, you will notice two versions of two circles. If I tell you these are the same, even if they are different, half-of-you will get this, and the other-half, not so much.

One and two. Zero and one.

This is because abstract (mind) and concrete (matter) are connected (and separated) by a circle. This also means, by abstraction, and deduction, pi is the only observer (basis point for everything). Correct name for what a human labels ‘mind.’

So, this diagram removes the need for scale, and-or location (where scale always involves location, and vice versa). Which is what we need to do if we want a complete theory of gravitation (and relativity).

If I say, in simple terms, everything is relative to everything else, you cannot disagree (although, half, will disagree, citing context, depending on what you mean, etc).

But I will insist you have to keep it much simpler than that.

Simple and Complex.

Any X and Y are zero and one, circumference and diameter of a circle, and this explains both gravity and relativity.

It’s not how we’re used to thinking.

But, nonetheless, as you can see yourself, from the abstract diagram, it has to be true.

Independent of the size of the circles, above, or, where they are ‘located,’ the above diagram illustrates circumference and diameter in a way a physicist can understand in order to remove location and scale.

Location and scale. Abstract and concrete.

This is clear because only a circle can circle (rotate, revolve, radiate).

In the world of mathematics, we assume the number line is constant, when, all of us know, this is never ‘true.’

The only constant in nature is the conservation of a circle (more accurately labeled number ‘two’) and as illustrated above, this gives us the basis for sequence.

Also, reproduction. Complementarity. And, identity.

Reproduction. Complementarity. Identity.

It also allows us, now, to, rearrange our understandings in physics to incorporate the conservation of a circle as the basis for both electricity and magnetism (radiation and rotation). Which in turn allows us to better understand light (infinite line) and sound (infinite circle).

Where line and circle are one and zero, circumference and diameter. Nothing more. Or, less.

It is not possible to understand the concrete without the abstract because concrete and abstract (literal and figurative) are X and Y (zero and one), diameter and circumference, of a, necessarily, conserved circle.

Conservation of the circle is (easily observed) the core dynamic in nature.



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