Correcting Einstein’s Math

Commutators, Groups, Rings, and Functions

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Commutators, Groups, Rings, and Functions articulate, and, thus, they prove, the conservation of a circle.

Conservation of a Circle

That is, zero and one is circumference and diameter, which is, obviously, the basis for mathematics.

This means we can eliminate commutators, groups, rings, and functions from our ‘thinking’ if we want to understand what’s really happening in Nature.

That is, Nature is an entity and a process, superimposed. Where entity is a noun, and process is a verb, where a circle is both a noun and a verb (an entity and a process).

Thus, the arithmetic number ‘two’ is the only ‘arithmetic’ number in Nature.

Circle (Noun, Verb)

This produces the correct explanation for sequence (linearity in general).

This is because the ‘zero’ is a circle, and the ‘one’ is a line. Literally. (And, of course, figuratively).

Meaning it’s impossible to have literal without figurative, and, always, vice versa, meaning, pi controls all of the dynamics (nouns and verbs) in Nature.

That is, it is not possible to have a zero without a one because it is not possible to have a circumference without a diameter. Meaning, it’s not possible to have a circle without a line.

Circle and Line

It is also not possible to have an individual without a group. Same logic, and, diagram, as above.


This explains movement. In general. And, also, any specific movement.

Because, again, it is impossible to have general without specific.

This corrects Einstein’s math and solves the ‘unification’ (unitization) problem.


Conservation of the circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature.

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