Cryptocurrency will end Government as we ‘Know’ It

But not without a big ‘fight.’ It’s all about tokenization.

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The base ‘relationship,’ globally, is financial. This is because we live a completely tokenized reality. With or without cryptocurrency.

(Tokenized) Reality


Tokenization means our ‘physical’ reality is a ‘token’ for our ‘mental’ reality.’

That is, everything a human does uses ‘abstractions’ (tokenizations) for ‘reality.’ This is because there is a circular-linear relationship between mental and physical ‘reality.’ Which is unavoidable.

It looks like this (the circular-linear relationship between concrete and abstract ‘reality’):

Concrete Abstraction (Circular Linear Relationship) (The Token for Everything in Nature)

The ‘circular-linear relationship’ produces a natural ‘zero’ and a ‘one.’ Which is, more technically, a circumference and a diameter.

Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter


This explains the relationship between a government and a state. It also explains the relationship between a state and an individual (in the state).


Which, also, explains a ‘government’s’ ‘raison d-etre.’

Raison d-etre.

That is, technically, an uber-simple circle controls reality, or, in other words, ‘governs reality.’

Conservation of a Circle

Explaining why technologists who understand ‘reality’ are completely immersed in ‘tokenization.’ Where ‘tokenization’ is how Nature (and reality) (technology in general) survives (exists). How we all exist. Why technologists are, technically, in ‘control.’ (Of everything, eventually, and, even, now.)



You can notice the diagram stays constant. All of the words in this article (in all articles) are variables. And all variables articulate (read: share a circle with) a constant (the diagram). Where the ‘constant’ in Nature is a circle (articulated by the diagram) (the diagram is a token for everything in Nature).

Constant Variable

Meaning, a government has no ‘hold’ on ‘people.’ Explaining why we can expect, eventually, a completely tokenized governmental and financial ‘system.’ Where a ‘government’ is nothing more (or less) than a financial system (and, if you think about it, carefully, a financial system is a form of ‘government.’)

System (Government) (Financial)

Having no boundaries at all (dependent on a frameless frame).

Frameless Frame

Meaning, hold on to your hat (and your ‘money’). Things are, definitely, about to ‘change.’ Finance is about to overtake (is in the process of overtaking) (is super-imposing its self on) conventional forms of ‘government’ (states and individuals).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature. Guaranteeing tokenization. Of everything. (It’s all about the diagram.) (Which is what gives power to tokenization.) (The diagram is a token for tokenization, and tokenization is a token for power.) (Where government and financial systems are both ‘tokens’ for power.) Where, power, then, is, technically, an illusion. Euclid’s Error: The Mathematics behind Foucault, Deleuze, and Nietzsche eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store



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