Data Science: Getting to the Point

Long story, short message. Playing with words.

Getting to the point. (Photo by Redd Angelo)

Survival and reproduction conserve an uber-basic circle. This is the basis for the life, and death, of anything. A basic line and circle can only conserve a line and circle. A zero and a one. Also known as female and male, true and false, yes and no, X and-or Y, X and-or X, X and-or X’.

This is a short message that gets you to the point of life, nature, behavior in all systems, and disciplines. The long story is all the rest of what you hear, observe, or think about life, nature, behavior, in all systems, and disciplines.

We have to survive to reproduce, and, the circular version of this is, we have to reproduce to survive. So, you are forced to ask yourself, what is the point of survival? Answer: reproduction. What is the point of reproduction? Survival. Survival of reproduction, and reproduction of survival.

Survival of the Circle

The short message is survival of a circle, and, reproduction of a circle. reduces, and expands, to circle as a noun, and circle as a verb. Circle as a singular; circle as a plural. Circle as a one; circle as a two.

There is a circle between long story and short message, a circle between long and short, a circle between story and message. A circle between message and the point. A circle between any zero and-or one.

Pi-diameter-circumference is the basis for one-two-three, and, also, zero-one-two, and, also, a-b-c, x-y-z. Any string of characters forms a line, diameter of a circle, meaning, all characters, all symbols, all character sets, reduce, and expand, to a string, of zeroes, and-or, ones. Pi-diameter-circumference. Point-line-circle. String-zero-one.

String of Zeroes

A human can articulate this as a circle of alternating zeroes, and ones. A string of alternating zeroes and ones (no beginning and no end) articulates a ‘one’ moving sequentially through (a human’s idea of) time (more basically, and, honestly, a line).

Reducing and expanding to a circle (not a zero, or a one), half-the-time, a line. This means a zero is a one (and vice versa). A human can, easily, see this: a circle is a zero, or a one, because, a circle is a zero, and a circle is a one.

Meaning, a point on a line, is a point in a circle, and, a circle on a line. Point, line, and circle, is point, or, line, or circle. Thus, a circle is the point.


Long story, short message: between any X and-or Y, zero and-or one, a line is the diameter, and the circumference, of a circle.

Again, a circle is a point. A circle is the point.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. That’s the story, the message, and the point.