Dealing With Anger, Your Own, Others’

Not possible to avoid anger completely. Your own, especially.


Anger is a part of the universe. Check out the sun. When burned, hydrogen produces water.

This explains anger (depression) (denial). And should help you deal with it. Realizing, everything is involved with (and dependent on) anger, 50–50.

We can prove the 50–50, and this will help you deal with other people’s anger. Eventually, it will get you to deal with your own anger. Everyone is in denial about their own anger (in one way or another).

So, start with 50–50. There is a mandatory circular relationship between any X and-or Y because the line between them is diameter and circumference of an uber-basic circle, turning everything, and every one, into a circle.

Once you’ve thought this through, the rest is easy. Half-the-time is all-the-time, and vice-versa, everyone has anger, and not-so, half-the-time, and, it’s totally up to you how you deal with everything (well, actually, it’s half-up-to-you).

The rest you get through (and you get to) in your head (there is a circular relationship between your mind, and everything around you).

So, expect conflict. Figure out, in advance, how you are going to deal with it. Work on your communication skills. Your avoidance skills. Your anger management skills. Be honest with yourself about denial. Get to the root of whatever is bothering you. Talk things out with people you trust. It could be the difference between life. And death.

Nature doesn’t care. One way or the other. It’s depending on you to notice. And deal with it. Appropriately. For you. And for the others dependent on you for their survival.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.