Dealing With Repressed Anger

Everyone is angry. It doesn’t go away. Despite medication. And-or meditation.

Angry half-the-time.

If you have addiction issues, or, if you are involved with anyone who has, or if you, or they, had addiction issues, in the past, you understand that repressed anger is the problem (and, also, the solution) with addiction issues.

That is, it isn’t just humans who experience anger. Hydrogen, when burned, produces water, giving us, photosynthesis, along the way. Therein, the life cycle of a plant (hallucinogens included) (and this also includes the plants that are fermented to make alcohol) are dependent on this repressed anger (carbon di-oxide) to survive.

That is, the plant is dependent on a human’s repressed anger, and vice versa, and, more simply, the reproductive systems of both species become entangled (the basis for all drugs, even the legal ones). Hydrogen and oxygen (fire and water). X needs Y to survive and reproduce. They are entangled (conserving an uber-basic circle). Consider the sun (hydrogen in a fight with helium) one big angry mess.

So, repressed anger is a lot more complicated than we realize.

If you have been through an addiction program, or, again, if you have been around someone who has (or is in one now), it’s important to remember, anger doesn’t disappear. For anyone. It’s out there. And, it’s in there. And, left unchecked, it’s dangerous. Again, for everyone. Half-the-time.

So, there it is. To pay attention to. To learn some healthy ways to work through. Like going to the gym. Working. Building stuff. And other things. Whatever you have figured out they are. When you feel the anger coming on retreat to your safe-space, and do something constructive with it. Steer clear of people who you know are not-yet-clear-about their own anger. Consider this could be you (is you, half-the-time).

But, realistically, and we all know this, in one way or another, anger doesn’t disappear, totally, ever, and, 50–50, it is going to resurface, when you least expect it. And, all we can do, all of us, is understand this. Prepare for it. Accept it. Get through it. And, then, move on. (And, pray.) Realize, it is natural. There is nothing wrong with anger. It is a phase, in transition. And, that is all.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. In a good way. In a bad way. We have complete control. Half-the-time. The-other-half? Plan for it. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. And, then, move on. We all have gone through this. Alone. And, also, with others. None of us is angry all the time. Half-at-most. And, also, at-least.